Apple Store Carrefour Laval Undergoing Renovations, New Store Coming


The Apple Store Carrefour Laval in Quebec is currently undergoing some major renovations. The existing location is boarded up with black-painted walls and on the front a message to customers notes a new store is coming. This is further confirmed via their retail website which shows the following message:

We’re setting the stage for a brand-new Apple Store. Visit our temporary store located near mall entrance #3 near Zara.

Below is a picture of the location (thanks Jeff!):

As Apple continues to expand its product line up larger retail locations are required to keep up with customer demand. Earlier this year the Yorkdale Apple Store relocated to a larger and newer location within the same mall complex and also the Market Mall Apple Store in Calgary also expanded and celebrated with a grand re-opening. We would expect the same to happen to the Carrefour Laval Apple Store (free t-shirts again!).

For those in the area, what did you think of the old store before the renovations started?


  • Alirio

    Guys, the store has opened at their new location in the same mall… weeks ago.
    I recommend deleting this inaccurate article.

  • Actually, this article is 100% correct.

    We just confirmed it by calling the store.

    I believe you are referring to the ‘temporary’ location setup, which we noted in the article. The old store is being renovated.

  • Jay

    They currently have a tempoary store set up in the gardens area whilst waiting for the construction to finish because the demand at carrefour is too great to have the store simply close for construction. Granted the tempoary store is way nicer than most normal stores so I can see where the confusion set in.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    this is fine and dandy but when’s the brossard store opening? (laval is gross)

  • If that’s a temporary store, then I’d love a temporary apartment.
    I was convinced it was the new location based not only on how nice it is, but especially because of how it’s more visible.
    Thanks for calling and confirming.
    My bad.

  • Haha. No worries.

    This is Apple though, so I’m not surprised you thought the temporary location would look good as new.

  • Cassy

    Wow, that’s quite a random and frankly offensive comment.

  • I actually really liked the old Carrefour Laval store, since it opened in 2006 it had a lot of the old design features such as white walls and glass dividers between the display tables along the wall. It was really different than the other 3 stores in quebec which all opened more recently and had the now standard features.

    However, even if I would have liked to keep the look of the store intact, I absolutely agree that it was in need of some refurbishment and especially of a larger space (it’s expanding to the space on the right of the store which was previously occupied by, i think, a buffalo store) because on weekends and evenings the store was so much packed with customers that it could sometimes be difficult to walk to the back of the store.

    The ‘old store’ will always keep a special place in my heart tough as it was the first ever Apple Store I visited and it’s where I bought my first ever Mac computer back in 2006.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    im from the south shore its my duty to make fun of laval and the west island

    also, im just busting balls, instead of being “offended”

    make fun of longueuil 😉

  • This is old too. I knew they closed it and opened a temporary store months ago.

  • And Yorkdale Mall relocation has even opened yet.

  • Jon

    Oh, because the largest city in the province (after Montreal) hosting the largest mall in the province (second to none) and the highest shopping per capita in the country within a progressive, young, and vibrant community is so gross compared to an industrial wasteland like Brossard.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    3rd largest

    after quebec

    but other than that