Breaking Bad Season 4 Hits Netflix Canada and USA


The fifth season of Breaking Bad premieres tonight and if you haven’t caught up with the fourth season you’ll be happy to know it just hit Netflix Canada and the USA. As announced on the Netflix blog, AMC’s hit series and Emmy-winning show can be seen in its entirety online:

At Netflix, we are continually working to add great movies and TV shows for our members in the US and Canada. That’s why we’re excited to announce the arrival of Season 4 of the critically acclaimed AMC series, Breaking Bad!


Breaking Bad has been one of my favourite TV shows in a long time and you can now watch seasons 1-4 all on Netflix Canada. The best part about Netflix is the support you get for iOS devices like the iPad and the iPhone, plus the sweet integration with Apple TV. You have to love it when the Netflix library continues to grow.

Click here to sign up for Netflix, it’s $8/month and the first month is free.


  • its not working

  • .. any update when we can actually watch it.. its not helpful that its on their library, but we cant watch it

  • Hmm that is weird. Maybe give it a day or so.

  • Junior C

    I’m watching it right now

  • Walter White approves.

  • swotam

    It’s working on Netflix Canada, I just watched Episode 4.

  • Greatest show on TV. Looking forward to watching tonight to see the latest shenanigans of Pinkman and White. Too bad it’s the last season though. 🙁

  • I recommend watching the entire season today. I’ve done it! So it’s possible. (Note: I’m not proud to admit this.)

  • Agree. Needs more seasons but then again, it’s nice to have it finish on a high note.

  • LOL

  • Yes true, I like it when shoes do that, rather than fade away. Thought Seinfeld did a good job of that too. Hmm suddenly this has turned into a TV debate website, haha.

  • Seinfeld was a different era though I would say, but yeah they did a great job ending it. Today’s shows can only last a few seasons on a high note before they turn into crap and get cut, leaving viewers hanging.