Chinese Phone Maker Prepared To Sue Apple Over Next-Gen iPhone Design


Assuming the next-generation iPhone will follow suit with the two-toned design, we have a Chinese iPhone clone company all prepared to sue Apple over its sixth-generation iPhone design. Yes I am being completely serious, they revealed a knockoff functional ‘iPhone 5’ dubbed ‘GooPhone’ last week.

With the massive amounts of iPhone leaks over the past month, the Hong-Kong based company was able to obtain a great perception of the iPhone 5’s outer casing. They then designed the GooPhone i5 running Android 4.1 instead of iOS.

GizChina reports:

Android fans, especially those of you who love your Samsung devices, might have something to cheer about today as it looks like Chinese phone maker GooPhone has already patented the design of the new iPhone 5 before Apple have had chance!

Knowing they’re in the process of patenting the design clues that they mean business. If Apple’s iPhone does indeed include the two-toned design, I wouldn’t doubt we see a lawsuit.

This is particularly funny because Apple has sufficient materials to defend the design and counter-sue GooPhone over the home button, power button, and even the curved design. This company sure doesn’t realize who they are messing with.

Watch a video of the GooPhone (Chinese):

The GooPhone isn’t yet on the market, but is expected to launch after the purported September 21st iPhone release. The specs include a “Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core 1.4Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM, and iOS 6 theme.”

Oh the irony, I can’t wait to see how this blows over with Apple.

[via Gizmodo]


  • Erik Kappel

    This is hilarious. I think, lol.

  • EL

    Lol Proview redux! 😀

  • Farids

    Hooooooolllllyyyyy! When you guys posted the knock off news last week, I posted a comment wondering if the Chinese company would sue Apple!!!! Ha! Prediction comes true! Of course it won’t fly, as Apple will prove they had the design along time before they presented it. But then, the Chinese company can back-date their design date to 2000 BC. If they wanted to!

  • I’d totally agree that this is pretty funny. But who knows, China could view patent disputes differently than we do. Does Apple actually currently own the new elongated 4inch screen design in China (and other countries) or are they using past design patents? Whats saying that these guys didn’t race to file as many design patents as possible, hedging their bets they would be right with one among all the rumors and speculation? If the person in video is quoting a Chinese patent law or paraphrasing it, “whatever the iphone appearance of first use, of first operation has priority” that could be bad news for Apple. I openly admit I know little about patent law especially Chinese patent law, but this could be interesting haha even if they get shot down in the end.