FCC Kills Net Neutrality in USA, Reverses Regulations


The Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) has today scrapped the so-called net neutrality regulations in the U.S., that prohibited broadband providers from blocking websites or charging for higher-quality service or certain content, The New York Times reports. The action has reversed the agency’s 2015 decision, which protected users who have migrated to the internet for most communications.


Following today’s decision, the federal government will also no longer regulate high-speed internet delivery as if it were a utility, like phone services. Ajit Pai, the chairman of the commission, said the rollback of the rules would eventually help consumers because broadband providers like AT&T and Comcast could offer people a wider variety of service options. “We are helping consumers and promoting competition,” Pai said.

The five commissioners were fiercely divided along party lines. During Mr. Pai’s speech before the vote, security guards entered the meeting room at the F.C.C. headquarters and told everyone to evacuate. Mignon Clyburn, one of the Democratic commissioners who voted against the action, presented two accordion folders full of letters in protest to the changes.

“I dissent, because I am among the millions outraged,” said Ms. Clyburn. “Outraged, because the F.C.C. pulls its own teeth, abdicating responsibility to protect the nation’s broadband consumers.” 

Brendan Carr, a Republican commissioner, said it was a “great day” and dismissed “apocalyptic” warnings. “I’m proud to end this two-year experiment with heavy-handed regulation,” Mr. Carr said.

“Your internet Thursday afternoon will not change in any significant and substantial way,” Michael Powell, president of NCTA-The Internet and Television Association, said in a call to reporters ahead of the vote.

As of now, it is unclear how much will change for internet users. The rules were largely meant to prevent telecom companies from favouring some sites over others, although major telecom companies have promised consumers that their experiences online would not change.


  • Riddlemethis

    Last night net NEUTALITY not net NEUTRALITY was trending on Twitter. The American sheeple just kept on mindlessly tweeting with the incorrect hash tag the bots created. USA citizens are becoming dumb and dinner.

    Everyone should be looking for a good VPN now, but even so we all should expect higher monthly Internet bills due to the trickle affect.

  • Joe

    What a strange world we live in. 100% of ordinary working people are opposed to ending net neutrality, yet the government does it anyway?

    This isn’t over yet though. US Congress and other organizations plan to fight this tooth and nail, so we can hold out hope that they can at least delay this if not halt it completely. I wrote my internet provider (Shaw) an angry e-mail stating my opposition to any repeal of Net Neutrality in Canada.

    I encourage everybody to do something about this, otherwise you can guarantee Bell/Telus/Shaw/Rogers will stab us in the back the first chance they get.

  • johnnygoodface

    Yes and no! Our dearest big brothers still have to go thru the CRTC decisions, and at first glance, CRTC is still for Net Neutrality.. I’ll publish the proper link in my next comment, just come back when Gary has approved my link. 🙂

  • johnnygoodface

    Here’s CRTC views about Net Neutrality:

  • Sam

    I wonder what the US is going to lose next, democracy …… ops that went out the door with trump. Lol. Heres to your land of the free “speech” Americans. But thats ok so long as they retain their right to carry machine guns.

  • Olley

    Sure, why don’t you go back to your gender neutral safe space and hold hands with Steven Colbert and Rachael Maddow and watch CNN yapping about how rigged electoral college is

    Reality has been too hard on you this year.

  • magneticmoose

    So you’re okay with the internet being controlled by corporations then? I’ll assume that your are since you attacked the poster and didn’t address the content of the article. If so, that doesn’t sound very ‘land of the free’ to me.

    Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, Trump is the only one who’s still talking about the electoral college and his ‘uge victory (lol)…

  • Amtoine Grant


  • Olley

    Awwww, look at you… came out of liberal’s cry room for a moment. Sorry President Trump is still in the house, better retrieve and read more Huffpost and Buzzfeed… oh look, they show you what Starbucks drinks match your zodiac sign!! OCCUPY DEMOCRATS!!