“Find My Friends” Helped Police Find Her Husband


Police in Gloucestershire, UK, have managed to track down a missing man using the app “Find My Friends”.  On July 2nd, a woman reported her husband missing. She told police he had taken his iPhone with him.

Gloucestershire police began searching for the man. The woman remembered her husband’s login details for his phone and the police used them to track his movements using the “Find My Friends” app. The search shifted to the computer where Sergeant James Wyatt was quickly able to locate the man. Sergeant Wyatt was able to relay the man’s location to the officers in the field.

One of the officers working in the police control room, said:

“By using the app when we were first made aware of the concerns for this man we were able to respond directly to where the male was located, ultimately leading to a man’s life being saved, via an efficient and dynamic approach.”

“It’s important for members of our community to take personal responsibility for valuable technology like mobile phones and iPads

“Downloading this type of app can help save you from having to replace an expensive piece of kit if it is lost or stolen. It will also help lead police to the minority within our community who decided to break the law and help see them arrested and put before the courts.”

I am interested to know what you think. Do you see this as a violation of the man’s rights? Do you agree with the police Find my Friends to track you?

[Via Google News]


  • mrideas

    It’s a bit Big Brotherish however if it’s the difference between living or dying I’m willing to give up a bit of privacy!! I have to say meeting up with friends it’s super handy as you can see where they are so saves those ‘where are you…’ texts! Plus you can disable if you want too!

  • the critical factor that was strangely omitted in this story is what had happened to this man. did he have a stroke while he was taking a walk through the forest or was he at his mistress’ place? big difference.

  • its voluntary, no one forced him to get the app, and his wife gave the cops the information. I use it to figure out where people (who agreed to use the app) are so I don’t have to bother them. its also great to help find people in crowded conventions . Although pushing the limits of privacy in the UK is kind of their thing. Hell more cameras in London then I have seen any other city.

  • Considering this technology could save lives, I wouldn’t care about rights to privacy or anything like that… As long as I would be safe from any harm, that’s all that matters at that point.

  • susanl

    The critical detail in this story which justified the use of the program to locate him, which by the why he had to have already signed off on, is that he was missing. Good work on the wifes part to alert the police to the ‘app for that’. Had he just been off on a ‘nooner’ the police would have just let him be. Great job all-round!

  • Navan

    Find Friends is voluntary. If I were lost I would pray that my husband would think to log on to Find Friends and see where the dot is.