Find Out How Much $$ Apple CEO Tim Cook Made Last Year


In a report published by The New York Times (via Bloomberg via 9to5Mac), Apple CEO Tim Cook has been pointed out as the highest paid Chief executive officer in U.S. The report notes that Tim Cook made about $378 million, which includes salary, perks and bonuses worth $1.8 million along with a one-time stock award worth $376.2 million, that extends over 10 years.

According to the source:

Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Tim Cook was the highest-paid chief executive officer in the U.S. last year as compensation gained 2 percent overall from 2010.

Viacom Inc. (VIAB)’s Philippe Dauman, who was No. 1 in the survey last year, was fourth this year with $43.1 million, followed by Honeywell International Inc. (HON)’s David Cote, who received $35.3 million, the Times said. Stephen Chazen of Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY)was paid $31.7 million and was sixth..

The study, which was abased on base salaries, cash bonuses, perks, stock awards and stock options, covered the 100 most compensated executives at public companies with annual revenue of more than $5 billion.


  • Accordtr

    Umm if his 376.2 million is paid out over 10 years then how is he making a million dollars a day?

  • randyritraj

     Exactly.  I read somewhere that his 1 million Apple shares vest in 2016 and 2022, so he didn’t make that last year.  Now, if the stock hits the $1,000 that everyone is going on about, that’s $1 billion, over 10 years which is $100 million a year.  Not bad…but not a million a day.

  • Majaestu

    I loved iphoneincanada…why would you repost this inaccurate drivel without fact checking.  WHY…*cry*

  • Greed

    376 Million over ten years, isn’t 1 millon per day.

    you leave school to make this site?

  • Greed

     ‘sssssssss…………..ah burn!