First Microsoft Store In Canada Opening At Yorkdale Shopping Mall In Toronto


Looks like rumors regarding Microsoft opening its first retail location in Canada are finally coming true. According to The Star, Microsoft will openits first retail store in Canada at Yorkdale Shopping Mall in Toronto, which also happens to host an Apple Store. The report claims that the design of the Microsoft stores in the U.S. incorporates many of the elements that made Apple stores a hit such as gleaming wood floors, lots of glass and products to sample. Microsoft has however added big comfy chairs and benches to its retail outlets as opposed to the Apple stores where customers stand at counters featuring tethered Apple products.

According to the report:

Microsoft will open its first retail location in Canada at Yorkdale, the Star has learned.

Building permit notices reveal Microsoft has also been approved to build a store in the Yorkdale shopping centre.

Apple already has a retail location at Yorkdale, one of 23 across Canada. Microsoft has 25 stores in the U.S. – six in California.

Microsoft officials said Tuesday the Surface would only be sold through Microsoft channels later this year. Canadians will be able to test drive one at Yorkdale when the retail store opens.

Microsoft and Yorkdale officials declined to comment.

In a recent survey among Canadians, Apple is seen as trendier and more progressive but Microsoft is believed to outperform Apple on being more trusted and caring for customers. The challenge for Microsoft now will be to define a retail experience that stands apart from Apple.


  • I’m sure there will be lots of attention when it first opens & then drop off significantly thereafter. I could be wrong but I don’t think even the MS Surface will keep the crowds rolling into the store.

  • I agree with @twitter-14415188:disqus. I see a major rush of visits in its first few months of being open but then tapering off to be a flow that is much, much less than that of a typical Apple store. I’ll certainly check it out but I have absolutely no plans on buying anything Microsoft related.

  • Networx

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need products to sell when you open a store? They’ll have the Surface, the Windows 8 phone (maybe…someday…who knows?) and lots of boxes of Windows 8 upgrade discs. Wow! I can’t believe the lines haven’t formed yet.

  • The lines will form when Microsoft offers free concert tickets to the first few hundred people to generate buzz, like they’ve done numerous times before. Can’t wait to see the cheering and clapping on opening.

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    So will I be able to bring my xbox in and get a replacement no questions asks when it breaks?

  • Zak

    Having been in a couple of MS stores in the US – they’ve generally been empty. Lots of staff, lots of products you can’t purchase but not a lot of customers.

    This isn’t also news – Yorkdale published a mall map a couple months back that listed Microsoft as a tenant.

  • Yup, the same goes for my experiences in the US too when I visited MS stores. Looks nice, but empty.

    It’s just a ‘second’ or ‘third’ confirmation of a story we broke months ago.

  • My name

    A Microsoft store just doesn’t make sense IMO. Apple works because there is one hardware. How would they be able to display all the variety of hardwares if there are so many manufacturers? They need a Microsoft hardware before they open a store dedicated to software.

  • Tara

    do we know when will this open?!!

  • Chantillybabe

    If the Surface runs Windows, that means it runs real apps such as Office and Photoshop, unlike the iPad which runs Photoshop Express, which isn’t Photoshop. MS needs an app like FaceTime but better than Skype. If it does 3D, I’m in. Finally, you can’t compare US stores to Canadian ones. Stores like BestBuy are in trouble in the US yet doing fine in Canada. KrispyKreme did well in Canada until it went bankrupt in the US. I think MS will take the market like they did with everything else (except the mobile phone). The Surface’s case is a keyboard. No more keyboard eating up half the screen. It will be interesting but I’m not giving up my iPad yet. After all, it’s a NEW iPad.