Halifax and Coquitlam Apple Store Grand Openings on August 18th


Back in March, we exclusively confirmed the existence of the Halifax Apple Store’s floor plans, and just less than a week ago the Halifax Apple Store received its painted white Apple logo.

Today Apple confirmed the much anticipated Halifax store along with its new Coquitlam Centre store will be opening this Saturday, August 18th, (via The Loop) on Apple’s website.

Below are the addresses of both stores, with the grand opening set for 9:30AM local time:

Here are a couple sneak pictures of the Halifax Apple Store posted by @HfxShippingNews (thanks @dev0kan)–as you can see the store is in full last minute preparations for its grand opening on Saturday:

As always with any new Apple Store grand opening, the first customers in line will receive a free Apple t-shirt. Who’s excited? More importantly–who’s getting in line?


  • jabohn

    Who’s wondering when they’ll build a store OUTSIDE the lower mainland? There are 350,927 living in the Okanagan, 179,839 in Metro Kelowna alone (comparable to Coquitlam’s 126,456).

  • You’d think the capital city would receive a store.

  • jabohn

    That’s true. Victoria is more likely to get one before Kelowna. Also I can’t help but wonder if an Apple Store would essentially kill Simply Computing.

  • kyuusei

    Yeah, I’ve been waiting for Victoria to get one. Guess I’ll just be happy with the Coquitlam one since I’m here.

  • MrSparkle

    The Coquitlam makes sense to me. Lots of very close cities that would benefit like Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby etc.. But yeah, they should one in Victoria and Okaganan too