Hands On: Gold iPhone 5s Unboxing and Touch ID Setup [VIDEO]


Screen Shot 2013 09 20 at 9 40 38 AM

The iPhone 5s launch was pretty busy this morning, with lots of people wanting to get their hands on the latest flagship device. Apple even commented on the “incredible” iPhone 5s demand which has resulted in retail store sell outs and limited supply.

Our own Kris Meador (@meadorsmusings) waited in line overnight at the Southgate Mall Apple Store in Edmonton and snagged a rare gold iPhone 5s so we could show you an up close look at the device.

Here’s Kris’ unboxing video of the gold iPhone 5s (which looks pretty awesome) and the simple setup of Touch ID and a demo. Watch it below and don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel so you don’t miss any more iPhone 5s videos.

How are you liking Touch ID on your iPhone 5s so far?


  • Justin Chen

    Nice! That’s exactly what I ordered. Shipping in October though. 🙁

  • Mike Schmidt

    I got mine ordered from telus, now i just have to wait. Ive had the 4 since it came out the first month. I did the apple plan and get to upgrade free when the 6 is out and Im good with the charges still cheaper than buying it out right.

  • Chrome262

    There is and upgrade plan thats free?

  • Fan

    I got mine at our local Rogers store (AFTER I got off work at noon!) They still had 16g and 32g (but I snagged the last 64g in the only color left… black/grey). Not my first color choice but I didn’t want to wait (plus I’ve sold my “old” 5 and the buyer is picking it up tonight… lol

  • Mike Schmidt

    yes you have to buy the apple care with it. I would have done that anyway, with that you can upgrade after a year for free. In my eyes im looking at a iphone 6 in a year (telus)

  • ????Dennis

    That sounds like a sweet option. Does anyone know if Rogers does this?

  • Daniel Finke

    Got my gold 32GB 5S at about 10 this morning. Really expected Touch ID to be gimmicky and poor. But color me very very impressed. It’s extremely useful!

  • Chrome262

    in a year but before the expiration of the apple care? what are they making a claim of damage on it, that is weird

  • Kenny Dang

    I was quite surprised how different the gold looks in person. I expected the colour to be a bit brighter/shiny it seemed more dull in person. Opted for the gray because of stock 🙁 but found it really sharp looking compared to my slate 5