iMessage Experiences Outage for Second Time in Five Days [Update]


Apple’s iMessage protocol is currently down for the count, yet again. This is the second outage in five days, with the last outage occurring last Thursday. Messages we have tried sending to our contacts won’t show up as “Delivered” and just hang.

During times like these, most users will fall back to text messaging (what’s that?) or either popular third party apps like WhatsApp.

Are you currently affected by the iMessage outage?

Update: Apple’s iCloud status page mentions the outage:


  • MN

    Definitely affected. Under my iMessage settings, my account has been hanging as “Waiting for activation…” for about 2 hours.

  • I’m affected. Nothing getting through.

  • Switching to WhatsApp

  • Kiki

    Yep. Nothing is going through.

  • firefly88

    Please keep us updated with how it goes.

  • No problems on my end

  • I’ve had issues connecting to iTunes all day…Match is spotty, and I can’t get Radio on my Apple TV.

  • Seems to be up and running again .

  • i had no problems. didn’t know about it at all till i read it.