iPhone 5 Concept Video Shows New Home Buttons on the Sides


We’ve seen our share of concept videos for iOS (like those from Jan-Michael Cart), but a new video posted by AppAdvice reveals a new iPhone 5 design that features new home button placements–on the sides of the iPhone. The video was created by one of their readers, Kris Groen. His video features an iPhone with a 4 inch Retina Display, and a new way of using home buttons by using a variety of presses and squeezes.

Navigating the iPhone with these new home buttons would avoid the use of swiping on the touchscreen. Users can squeeze both buttons to get to home, go page left and right, and quickly switch apps without lifting their fingers off the device. It’s an interesting concept–take a look at the video below:

What do you think of this concept? Last year, we heard rumours of the next iPhone to have a larger home button, but never materialized.


  • Jshsn

    That will never happen, making hard material cases would turn into a mess. One button is much easier.

  • az

    The microphone slit is not centred, makes me cringe…

  • All this larger size screen desire is misplaced as far as I’m concerned.  The iPhone screen size is exactly right; not to small and not to big. Try holding one of the larger screen competitors in one hand and “thumb” around the screen.  See how your thumb can’t reach every corner of the touch screen?  That little thing is something Apple got right, but the others seem to miss/ignore in pursuit of their “our screens are bigger/better than Apple” hoopla.

  • Ron

    Un-Apple like.  That would make the UI to complex.  Apple strives for simplicity and elegance in their UI.  A toddler can figure out how to use an iPhone or iPad.  This would make that more difficult.  Sorry.

  • Appelle

    if the screen is larger it should maintain the same aspect ratio. Not sure that it does and that would be tougher for developers. I’d likely rather see the screen stay the same size and the phone get thinner and smaller.

  • Dennis_backfrom_SanMiguel!

    maybe for you Michael, however for the rest of the population we all have regular sized hands and not tiny hobbit hands like yourself where a 3.5″ screen must already seem enormous for you. I say bring on the larger screens its about time!!!! smaller screens are for girls!

  • ????Dennis

    You are 100% right Michael! The Samsung dorks just want bigger but don’t know how to use it.

  • Dennis_backfrom_SanMiguel!

    all iphone users drink from the same kool-aid and chant “the leader is good the leader is great , we surender our will and all of our fate!”

    you dont need a bigger screen becuase Steve says you dont need one. Steve is your pimp, wife beater wearing Labatt 50 drinking man and all you ladies do as your told!

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  • Michael Moniz

    Such an eloquent response there! /s. It’s a phone I want not a mini tablet like apparently most larger screen proponents such as yourself. It’s about ease of use and access in the U.I. Larger doesnt always translate into better U.I. accessibility.

    And it’s just an opinion but again base on your posts your just trolling against Apple so why are you wasting your oh so valuable time trying to show us iPhone users and fans the error of our ways?