[Update] iPhone 5: Larger Screen, Home Button, Thinner Design?


Update 2: MacRumors has received a tip from a reliable source that says this story is not true (I think we all could’ve figured that out by now).

Update 1: Here’s a better mock up provided by Corey Daniels (@CDugD), with a more unibody look:

Joshua Topolsky, the former editor from Engadget claims sources have provided him with some interesting tidbits about the upcoming iPhone 5. His description is completely different from what we’ve been hearing, but it sure makes things interesting nonetheless:

In a sketch supplied to us by a source (on which the image above is based), the home button is doing double duty as a gesture area; this falls in line with testing we’ve seen for gestures on the iPad, and our sources say that gestures are definitely coming in a future version of iOS. The home button will likely be enlarged, but not scrapped altogether. Furthermore, we’re hearing that the screen on the device will occupy the entire (or near to it) front of the phone, meaning almost no bezel. Our source says the company is doing very “interesting things” with bonded glass technology, and has been exploring designs where the earpiece and sensors are somehow behind the screen itself, making for a device where the display is actually edge-to-edge. Regardless, the sketch we’ve seen suggests the screen will go up to 3.7-inches while keeping the current resolution, and at that size, pixel density goes from 326 to 312 (a drop of 13ppi). That means that Apple can still tout Retina Display technology (the claim is that anything above 300ppi means the pixels aren’t distinguishable at 12 inches). Rumors have been suggesting that the size would bump up to 4 inches, but at that size with the current resolution, pixel density drops to 288, making it harder for Apple to use the RD branding.

This reminds me of the whole iPhone Nano rumours all over again. Take the above with a grain of salt. Who’s more credible, leaks to Joshua or major media outlets like the WSJ or Reuters or Bloomberg?

Here’s the mock up:

What do you think of this possible design?

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  • Weebsurfer

    Front facing view is believable… Side view; Only if they’ve perfected micro-capacitive battery packs. Nothing that thin will run an iPhone for more than a couple hours on standby.

  • Anonymous

    if u ask me, im not sure gestures are the way to go. when you hold your iphone (or any phone for that matter), the only finger really accessible is the thumb.

  • Rjpiston

    I say quit posting all these rumors about what the next iphone is gonna look like and post FACTS about the next iphone, till then quit posting useless information

  • I agree with Weebsurfer. The front-end is completely believable but the thinned, wedge-style body doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. Weebsurfer already addressed the battery issues with such a thin phone, and I think it would also be significant;y less comfortable to hold. I grip my phone by the bottom 1/3 and I expect many other do the same.. why make that area thinner and more difficult to keep a firm grip on? If anything it should wedge in the opposite direction.

  • @Rjpiston: Haha.. I’m not trying to flame you because I get where you’re coming from… but you understand that rumors are what fuels the Apple marketing machine, right? People want to talk about this stuff, what they’ve read and what they think the product will be like. The same thing happens with car communities, the stock market, sports, etc. At least he isn’t claiming any of this as fact! 😉

    Though I suppose you might not be into having conversations and discussing ideas. That’s cool, I suppose. Being a recluse gets old fast, though.

  • I would bet that the back would not be aluminum, like the Touch, and rather Liquid Metal, if Apple went that route.

    Not crazy over the wedge of it, but I would have to touch one, if it comes to be.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all in fun guys. If you didn’t care you wouldnt be here…? I like the mock up. But I agree the wedge is pointless. Put some more battery in the thing ffs.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all in fun guys. If you didn’t care you wouldnt be here…? I like the mock up. But I agree the wedge is pointless. Put some more battery in the thing ffs.

  • RjPiston

    Nah i like discussing things such as this as much as the next guy, but its like everyday we’re hearing different rumors about the next iphone, when its releasing, what the specs are, yet nobody has any proven evidence about it. I’m not saying gary is holding this info as fact but its getting a little tiresome is all. I guess its all a way of getting traffic to their site, engadget, gizmodo all do the same. i just wish we’d get more concrete articles regarding the rumors.

  • Auto Strada

    You’re blaming the wrong person.

    Gary is doing his job. This is an iPhone blog. Rumors will get posted. The iPhone generates TONS of rumors. If you find all them tiresome, keep scrolling.

    If you want more concrete articles regarding the rumors, become an Apple executive.

    I can’t stand people like you who make a big deal of things they can’t control (iPhone rumors) when you can deal with it by ignoring them.

  • Allsquiet

    Take some of your own medicine and stop reading if it causes you distress.

  • Allsquiet

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your other arm.

  • Rio_1290

    That is true, but if you look at the phone, there is a little pad on either side of the home button. So if gestures were included they could be done on there itself with your thumb.

    It is like a mini-trackpad

  • MrAnonymous

    As far as aesthetics, I think the iPhone 4’s rectangular design is better than curved. It’s also a pain to put an invisible shield on a curved back.

  • MrAnonymous

    I also don’t see why they continue to iPhones with a HUGE home button at the bottom. It takes up valuable screen real estate. Would much rather have a small home button on the side of the phone.

  • gordunramsie

    You’re a big BABY! WAKE UP! Welcome to the Internet. You need to SHUT IT DOWN!

  • gordunramsie

    The design is too radical. Sounds like Josh and Co are trying to get the word out about their new blog.

  • Luca

    Why does the story keep changing i thought the iphone 5 will have the same model as the 4. Anyways if i looks like that its one ugly phone, i really dont like it ill stick with my iP4.

  • Cshupe2

    So ugly! Reminds me of a Dell streak which looks like a tablet

  • Calgary

    wow! that is SOOOO ugly!

  • Calgary

    they are all rumors, and people on the internet are very gullible

  • Condor Counter

    I don’t know about you but I have several applications where to type a new entry you need to move/slide (the cursor) to the top corner. With a bumper case and even without it his very hard with my fat fingers to slide it to the margin. (note that iphoneincanada puts a frame/box around its text area that obviates the issue). With a narrow bezel this becomes even more difficult.

  • Condor Counter

    A nice feature of the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 is the back is flat and they doe not rock if you lay them down for typing and screen work. Why go backwards to a strongly curved back for the 5? Use the space for battery capacity.

    Besides which it’s profile looks like a windshield ice scraper. Not good for the connector port.

  • Anonymous

    thats true. although, the most you could do is swipe up/down and left/right. i dont see a major benefit. (although web-page scrolling would be cool).

  • Anonymous

    lol. cmon for multitasking why would you ever want to use two hands. usually its on the go.

  • Rupsubs

    I realize it’s fake and rumor but, playing devil’s advocate, where would the bottom speakers reside in this design?
    Seems there’s no room at all for them.


  • Antonio_zeus

    WHO CARES! Get a life

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