Alleged Pics of ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ in Gorgeous New Blue Colour Hit the Web


A new set of leaked images shows the alleged ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ as you’ve never seen before. Yes, that’s correct as a Twitter user (@the_malignant) who has shared various similar leaks concerning the 2016 iPhone and other devices, and Chinese website iFeng, have posted new images on the web showing the device from various angles complete with comparisons with current iPhone models (via BGR). 

Blue iphone 7 plus screen turned on 7

As you can see above, the all new blue ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ looks pretty amazing, and has all the design markings we expect i.e. the single-band rear antenna lines and a protruding dual-lens camera are there. The shots below also clearly show the absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack, with the port being replaced by a speaker grille. 

Blue iphone 7 plus screen turned on 5

Blue iphone 7 plus screen turned on 3

Blue iphone 7 plus screen turned on 6

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the device is turned on, although Siri seems to have been replaced by Voice Control. 

“The device appears to be running a version of iOS 10, although the person who took the photos does not reveal any details about it. The phone likely comes from China considering that language seems to be set to Chinese, and has elements that iOS 10 beta testers will instantly recognize include the new widgets on the search screen, as well as a wallpaper that’s included in Apple’s list of default wallpapers for iOS 10”.

While there is no way to authenticate these images, they sure look pretty darn real. Take a look at some more and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Blue iphone 7 plus screen turned on 4

Blue iphone 7 plus screen turned on 8 1

Blue iphone 7 plus screen turned on 2


  • Peter

    Like it a lot! Dark blue was very cool as well!

  • Mike

    Ummmm…..which part is exactly “gorgeous”? It looks exactly the same as 6/6S except some lines and uglier camera part. I really wonder how many people will actually buy a phone just to change the colour, which is even covered by protection cases.

  • LouisDC

    Are these photos really showing the iPhone 7 Plus? The phones look the same size as my iPhone 6S…

  • Dany Quirion

    The finish and the polish is nothing like the 6S. People buy a need phone just because they can, doesnt need to be a new design.. What matter is the specs.

  • Johl

    All the leaks are so high quality now…?

  • ipostic

    Here is my theory on the lack of headphone jack leaks. What if Apple leaked that on purpose just like some other leaks before. Between the leak in June and September release – all media will chew apart why removing headphone jack is great or bad idea. Most will conclude that it’s a great idea since it’s coming from Apple. So when it’s released in September – everyone will be happy that headphone jack is removed and blame Samsung for being old school. This is quite brilliant on Apple’s part.
    The above compared to the shock of revealing in September for the first time that headphone jack is removed. The actual reveal would be overshadowed by bunch of articles arguing why it’s good or bad vs it’s all over now and all media can concentrate on the actual reveal of the slightly modified but still “revolutionary” and best yet device (according to Apple)

  • Salinger

    It’s a shame Apple chose the iPhone 6 design to be the one it started its 3 year refresh cycle on. IMO, it’s one of, if not, the least attractive of iPhone iterations.

    That said, I don’t think the blue looks amazing or gorgeous, at least not in these photos. It actually looks rather dull and uninspired. Hopefully that won’t be the reality when the actual phone is released. Sometimes photos make something look better and sometimes they make it look worse.

    All in all, still thinking I’m going to end up going Note 7 this year. Nothing in any of the myriad of leaks I’ve seen has inspired me in the least to trade in my iPhone 6 for this new iPhone. If all the excitement over next year’s 10th anniversary phone bares out, then it’ll probably be back to iPhone in 2017 for me. Right now, I suspect I’ll be an Android user by this time next month.

  • Salinger

    I think there are still going to be plenty of articles bemoaning the loss of the headphone jack. 🙂 Especially given they’re moving the “headphone jack” to a proprietary connection. If you buy an expensive pair of headphones for use with your 2016 iPhone, then absolutely nothing else will work with them unless you use an adapter.

    I think it would be less of an issue if they had gone with, what’s shaping up to be, the new universal standard, USB-C.

  • Mark Luebbert

    My three biggest, and easily fixable gripes from the 6 are still present in the 7: rounded sides, camera bump, and power button opposite the volume buttons. The only thing I’ve seen that makes me interested in upgrading is the 7 will supposedly come in black. Otherwise, I guess I’ll keep my 6 until the 8 comes out.

  • Garrett

    yeah, nobody cares.

  • Kylix

    I literally care.

  • Salinger


  • JD Holmquist

    They couldn’t create a HUGE change in the design prior to launching the 10th anniversary edition next year. They played it safe with subtle but major upgrades.

  • I’m pretty sure Garrett means that nobody cares what a stranger is choosing for a phone for the next two phone purchases.

  • steiney

    The comments section for articles on is a brutal place.

  • Salinger

    Really? I thought that was sort of the whole point of having a discussion section on a site called “iPhone in Canada”, you know, where we talk about phones and why we’re choosing a particular one. Sorry if I broke the unwritten rules around here.

    Now that I think of it, you’re absolutely right. In all the years I’ve been here, I’ve never seen anyone talk about what phone they have, what phone they’re getting or what phone they’re looking forward to. How foolish of me to make such a disparate comment on IPHONE in Canada.

  • Salinger

    It’s pretty much the same everywhere. 🙂 it’s just here, you have the added layer of the thin Apple skin where the least negativity towards anything Apple is taken as a personal affront by some people. I’d like to think the crudeness so many exhibit on boards like this doesn’t reflect who they are IRL, but sometimes I wonder.

  • jameskatt

    I want one. Make that four of the big ones.

  • Marcus2012

    Unlike Faildroid, Apple doesn’t make 40 billion variations for no reason.

  • We. Don’t. Care. Enjoy your whatever you choose!

  • *if* this is legit. It is the most legit looking one I’ve seen so far though. I don’t mind the blue if that’s true, might get in blue

    Would love if the non plus size matches it This time, the plus is way too big for my pockets and such, prefer the 5 or 6 size screen is perrfect.

  • I think there’s one with a 6 on the right side, it is hard to gauge size from most of the shots. K thought they were 6 size until the shot with three next to each other.

  • Salinger

    I will, thanks. I’ll also continue to discuss which phones I’m interested in, and why. I’ll continue to praise and criticize Apple as I see fit (and other OEM’s), and look forward to intelligent differences of opinion in response, however few and far between they may be.

    I enjoy hearing what phone someone else is going to choose and why; it helps better inform my choice and perhaps points out something I hadn’t thought of before. That’s kind of the whole point of opening up a comment section to, well, comments isn’t it?

    The fact that so many people say they “don’t care” yet this entire website is essentially dedicated to discussing phones doesn’t bode well for iPhone in Canada. The truth is, if people didn’t truly care, they’d ignore the comment and it’d be done. Instead people reply, and reply and upvote snide responses. The truth is, as I said, people only “don’t care” when it’s not effusing praise for Apple.

  • Salinger

    I see, so discussing what phone I’m interested in and why is something I shouldn’t bother posting because “We. Don’t. Care.” but we should care which colour you’re interested in and about which phone fits in your pocket? Thanks, learning a lot about the rules of this forum.

  • Exactly. – glad I was of Great assistance!


  • Salinger

    You sure were! Your obliviousness to your own hypocrisy made my point in spades. Oh, and great comeback. When caught out, always post a meme. That’ll show ’em! LOL

  • I’m glad you are able to laugh at yourself.. or your own “jokes”, good for you.

  • Salinger

    Joke? What joke? I wasn’t making a joke, I was LOL’ing at you believing your little meme was a burn. You don’t even get how hypocritical your own comments are, why would I think you’d understand anyone else’s?



    I’ll just put this here…

    I’d rather the slow, laggy one than the house-burner Exinos ! Shame upon Samsung. Do they not do any sort of testing on their stuff?! So many fires not just the edge model. Galaxy: burns hot like stars

  • thats one of at least 6 so far, phone arena’s N7 is so messed up they can’t even review it properly as its stuck in a boot loop.. still, keep digging your weird holes in the garden.. good to keep you off the streets and bothering the general populace i figure.

  • Salinger

    Funny, for someone who doesn’t care what I think, you’re going to an awful lot of trouble to continually respond to me. Even cutting and pasting articles. I wish I had nothing better to do with my time as you obviously do.

  • Salinger

    What the hell are you talking about? You can’t defend yourself, so now you’ve gone on to a different topic entirely. You need some serious help to curb your addiction, you really do.

    Your whole problem with me is that I dared to give my opinion on the new iPhone that happened to disagree with yours. You told me I wasn’t entitled to share that opinion, then you go to great lengths to share yours. #Hypocrite

    I think I finally made you realize how ridiculous you’re sounding, so now you’re going off on an entirely different tangent because your position is totally indefensible.

    If by “keeping me off the streets” you think I won’t be commenting on here because of trolls like you, then you’re sadly mistaken. I have a 27″ iMac, a MacBook Air, an iPod touch, 2 Apple TV’s and an iPad Pro, so yeah, whether I choose to have an iPhone or not, I’ll still contribute to these forums regardless of idiots who try to tell me their opinion is more important than mine.

  • Salinger

    Sigh, anyway, I hope you’re happy living in your angry little bubble. I’ve wasted enough time trying to decipher your chaotic ramblings. I’m sure you’ll take another few days and come back with an equally incoherent response as all your others have been, luckily, I won’t know of it, or see it. Time to block the troll. Buh-bye now!

  • Samsung will reportedly issue worldwide recall of Galaxy Note 7 – The Verge

  • +pro tip+ if someone isn’t agreeing 100% they may not be a troll. You might be “wrong” or just mistaken!

  • steiney

    I can’t imagine any of these people would say any of that stuff in real life!