JFK Airport Worker Implicated in iPad Mini Heist

In a crime that was originally likened to one seen in the Goodfellas movie, it seems more appropriate that the New York Post would liken it to the ‘Dumbfellas’. Court papers identified that JFK Airport employee Renel Rene Richardson was behind the theft of a USD $1.9 million dollar iPad Mini shipment moving through the facility.

Together with two helpers, Richardson acted as the look-out while the others took advantage of airport equipment to load the pallets onto a waiting truck. Unfortunately for the criminals, Richardson seems to have a big mouth and was overheard chatting to others about the iPads, shipment details and the equipment they would use to complete the crime.

Once the FBI had arrested Richardson, they worked together to locate the truck but there is no word regarding whether the lost iPads were recovered (or what it might mean for those individuals waiting on their shipments which would now be delayed).

At times like this it would sure be nice to have Find My iPad automatically installed and activated (with the logistics of that working aside).

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  • einsteinbqat

    Obviously. When the news broke, it had a “inside job” written all over it.

  • Mikelo

    There is no shortage of fools in this world that are too lazy to work hard and would rather take a short cut and steal what they didn’t earn. The risk of ruining the rest of their lives in the process is easily overcome by their selfishness and lack of brain cells. Good luck fools.

  • Olley

    Typical JFK… outdated facilities, shit staff, and highest cost for trolleys in the country ($5)

  • einsteinbqat

    You need to pay for trolleys?

  • Olley

    YES. ONLY IN THE COUNTRY OF U.S.ASSHOLES. It’s F**KING ridiculous. More ridiculous is the price varies in different airports – 1 dollar in Puerto Rico, 2 in Miami, and 5 in JFK and EWR.

  • Zing

    World need bad guys ” you need people like me”-Scarface

  • There are many reasons for a such behaviour, but the main reason for it is monetary system.