Larry Ellison Believes Apple Will Fall without Steve Jobs [VIDEO]


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In an interview with Charlie Rose for an upcoming segment on “CBS This Morning,” Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, a close friend of the late Steve Jobs, said we already know what will happen at Apple without the genius visionary (via AllThingsD):

“Well, we already know,” Ellison told Rose. “We saw — we conducted the experiment. I mean, it’s been done. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs. We saw Apple without Steve Jobs. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs. Now, we’re gonna see Apple without Steve Jobs.”

Ellison also spoke about Jobs earlier this year at D10, and described the life of the Apple co-founder as the following:

He wasn’t trying to be rich,” Ellison said at D10. “He wasn’t trying to be famous. He wasn’t trying to be powerful. He was obsessed with the creative process and building something that was beautiful.

Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs revealed details on just how close the friendship was between the two tech moguls:

In 1995 Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison threw a fortieth birthday party for Jobs filled with tech stars and moguls. Ellison had become a close friend, and he would often take the Jobs family out on one of his many luxurious yachts. Reed [Jobs’ son] started referring to him as “our rich friend,” which was amusing evidence of how his father refrained from ostentatious displays of wealth.

The full Larry Ellison interview with Charlie Rose is set to air later today.


  • Chrome262

    While he may be right, the two events are not the same. Jobs left Apple before, because he was effectively fired, and it wasn’t a hand pick team that got rid of him. What he has left behind, if it stays together, is something that will try to live on in his memory. Tim Cook is no slouch. These are people he picked to keep things going. Now for how long who knows, but there are many a company that have gone on decades since their founders death. Hell some for hundreds of years, and they continue with their founder as example.

  • Tim

    Tim Cook is a bottom line number cruncher, not a visionary nor a good salesman. Steve Jobs was both of the latter two. He got people excited about products and took unpopular risks for which he was rewarded. I’ve been a loyal iphone user and the blah sentiment I have for apple continues to increase. Remember when the tech world reviewed every new non apple smart phone for three or four years with the question “Is this the iphone killer?” only to respond with “no, no it is not.”? Those days are passed. Is anyone excited to see Tim Cook give a keynote? He’s so painful to watch, his demeanor is antithetical to the concept of charisma.

    Apple has been out innovated in terms of hardware for some time. Their saving grace is the app store. It’s getting harder and harder to to justify a $500 premium for an iphone when the next google Nexus will have nearly all of the same functionality for about 300 bucks.

  • Chrome262

    You Mean the Nexus I have to root to get LTE here? full price for a Galaxy Is close to an iPhone price, and seriously what is the difference in hardware really, screens are just bigger. No one is innovating they are all fighting in court over innovations done years ago. Nexus brand isn’t keeping up with the other high end ones that those companies make for themselves. And comparing Nexus with iPhone isn’t correct. but I get what you are saying, but Larry is really not one to throw stones, his glass house isn’t doing very well.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    all sound familiar although far back in the past, i agree . marc