Minor Apple TV Firmware Update Download Now Available


Do you have a second generation Apple TV? Apple just pushed an update, firmware version 4.1.1 (the previous firmware was 4.1), build 8C154. The iOS remains 4.2.1. Yes, I know this is confusing.

Just to clarify: in the Apple TV’s About menu, hit the select button on your remote and it’ll cycle between firmware, and iOS build versions.

No list of updates have been included.

Check out our Apple TV unboxing here and our video of updating to iOS 4.2.1 here.



  • Anonymous

    Need to fix title mate. Its 4.2.1. Hope to see an accurate list soon of what it contains.

  • I clarified the post/title. Blame Apple. The update released firmware 4.1.1
    (previously firmware 4.1).

    The iOS remains at 4.2.1 🙂

  • 2nd

    MacDailyNews also broadcasts 4.1.1 update

  • Jd2157

    Apple seems to be going with the naming convention: ‘Apple TV software version 4.1.1’ and ‘iOS firmware version 4.2.1’ or ‘iOS build version 4.2.1’.

  • Jd2157

    … where 4.1.1 refers to the Apple TV software sitting on top of the iOS 4.2.1 operating system.

    It’s like having an iPhone that boots directly into an app and won’t let you run or install any others (without jb) or like having a modded Xbox that boots directly into XBMC.

    As we’ve seen, they can/will update the Apple TV software without updating the underlying OS so it makes sense for the two to have separate names.