Oh How Will Apple Ever Survive After Life Without Steve Jobs?


George Colony over at Forrester writes about the imminent decay of Apple post-Steve Jobs:

When Steve Jobs departed, he took three things with him: 1) singular charismatic leadership that bound the company together and elicited extraordinary performance from its people; 2) the ability to take big risks, and 3) an unparalleled ability to envision and design products. Apple’s momentum will carry it for 24-48 months. But without the arrival of a new charismatic leader it will move from being a great company to being a good company, with a commensurate step down in revenue growth and product innovation. Like Sony (post Morita), Polaroid (post Land), Apple circa 1985 (post Jobs), and Disney (in the 20 years post Walt Disney), Apple will coast, and then decelerate.

Apple currently is the world’s largest company by valuation and has posted two consecutive monster quarters, selling a total of 365 million iOS devices to date–all without Jobs. It’s easy to be pessimistic when it comes to Apple, currently the top dog taking up all the headlines.

Adam Lashinsky’s book, Inside Apple claims Scott Forstall is the next CEO-in-waiting at Apple. Even without Jobs, Apple definitely has plans in place for life in the post-Jobs era.

Is Apple doomed without Steve Jobs?

[via Forrester]


  • It already feels doomed, and I want to root for them. There’s just too much of the same now. New stores opening without anything different. Specs that just seem to catch up. All I hear about Apple now are about financial results, not product results or innovations. There’s no rule that says a product or service has to be released once a year/annually. Step it up!

  • JMCD23

    Doomed? Nope. Experience less growth? Probably. They won’t continue to grow at such a rate as they are now forever, but I’m sure they will still continue to do very well in the future.

  • I fear for Apple.

  • Kraken

    They are doomed to failure if they can’t innovate, which is what Apple failed to do when Steve was fired back in the 90’s.  Will history repeat itself?   We’ll see what happens in the next few years.

  • KV

    If and when Scott takes charge, he could maintain the direction and feeling Steve did.

    Just my feeling.

  • Frankie

    One major factor everybody seems to forget was Steve’s exceptional ability to envision future. I’m sure Steve put plans in motion to guarantee a successful Apple for the next 20 or more years when he knew his end was near. That’s why we see Cook in CEO position and Scott as CEO in waiting. I bet Steve thought of and set up the next 5 CEO’s in waiting. be optimistic guys: Steve was and is a force to be reckoned with, even after death.

  • Totally. The timeline for the future of Apple was probably set way before his death. Probably when he found out he had cancer.

  • Jduckets11

    Do you all really believe that he was the sole innovator…like give your heads a shake. If anything he was smart enough to position enough talented people around him to carry on the legacy.

  • Noone

     you said “is Apple doomed WITH Steve Jobs” don’t you mean…without? you know, since he’s dead….just saying

  • That’s just good marketing, take your head out of your ass… They already got zombies products why do they need to release a product every month?

  • bradg17

    From the movie notorious. “the best time is when you’re on the way up. Because once you get to the top, you can only go down.” I think this applies very appropriately.

  • bradg17

    Yes I feel the same way. I really hope scott is a “mini-Steve”

  • Kevinpetitpas

    I’m kind of nervous about Apple’s future. I’m sure Steve had plans in motion for leadership and future products probably for the next few years but eventually a new CEO (whoever that may be in the near future) is going to be tired of saying “what would Steve do” and start putting his own touch on the company, the products, and the marketing. That’s when we will find out if Steve did in fact surround himself with people truly interested in preserving the Apple philosophy.

    I wonder if Steve decided to call the newest iPad the “new iPad” instead of “iPad 3”, that seems like a weird decision. Why not just keep the numbers moving in a logical flow? What happens when the next iPad comes out, will it be the “new” new iPad? I know it’s only a name and the product is what matters but if something as trivial as a name starts changing who knows what’s in store for the products themselves.