Oops! Supermodel Kate Upton Shows Up At Samsung Event With An iPhone [PHOTO]


Sports Illustrated Magazine cover girl Kate Upton recently attended the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 launch event in New York City but forgot to leave her iPhone at home. In fact, she posed for the press at the Galaxy Note event with an iPhone on the couch beside her next to her purse (via The Loop).

Clearly, the swimsuit hottie had no idea that the host company is currently involved in one of the most significant patent infringement trials in history with the iPhone maker. In other words, the last thing Samsung wanted to hear about or see at the Galaxy Note event was an Apple iPhone.

Oh boy! 😀


  • Coluch

    Not competing devices. Not really news unless she broke contact as a spokesperson by doing this.

    This news reminds me of a friend I know at Microsoft who fully drinks the company Kool-aid. He said NOBODY in the company has an iPhone, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t work there for long. UM, WHAT?
    Note that he doesn’t work in a department that even remotely competes with any Apple products (he does software). So when asked if it’s possible that any co-workers have an iPhone, he said “They would have to do a REALLY good job of hiding it”.

    Surely discriminating against employees personal device choices is illegal?

  • Scott

    This is dumb lol. Who cares what she’s using. Maybe she wants to change phones. Whatever. This article is so pointless and really her having an iPhone at this event effects no one.

  • sam

    i think samsung should have given kate a prop phone. at these kind of events, it would be better promotion to have all the tiny details covered.

  • excaliburca


  • Tired8281

    I dunno, kinda looks like it might be a Samsung phone…

  • We need to show this to the Samsung/Apple jury!

  • LondonFish

    I am looking at her legs and imagining the body behind that red dress, who cares what phone she is using ?

  • Haha good one!

  • Randy Ritraj

    You know you can do a Google image search so that there’s less imagining and more viewing…