PayPal Canada Survey Reveals More Than 70% of Canadians Ready to Go ‘Cashless’


A recent survey by PayPal Canada has noted more than 70% of Canadians are ready to go ‘cashless’. The poll, conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of PayPal Canada, revealed 71% of Canadians are okay with never having to handle cash again for purchases, up 27% from 2011. A quarter of respondents noted they already go more than a week without dealing with cash (hey, if you don’t want your cash send it my way).

PayPal Canada notes their iOS app allows Canadians to send and receive money easily and quickly. It notes from the survey, 56% of Canadians are most likely to ‘forgive and forget’ when someone owes them money instead of following up on it. That’s when you can just bust out the PayPal app and send a ‘request money’ email (wait a minute isn’t that the same?), or conversely pay a friend back.

Leger Marketing’s online panel, LegerWeb, conducted the survey online from May 28th, to May 31st, 2012 with a sample of 1500 Canadians aged 18+. Ipsos Reid conducted a poll from a sample of 1,012 adults with a smartphone between January 27 to February 1, 2012, on behalf of PayPal.

I barely use cash but it’s always handy to have some in the wallet, as some business only deal with cash or don’t take credit cards. As for wanting to never touch money or deal with it again, I’m not quite ready for that yet. Are you?


  • JMCD23

    Hell no. What a biased survey group to ask too. Cash is great, it doesn’t fail. I doubt it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

  • K3

    Absolutely do away with it. Cant remember how much is apparently saved by the pennies demise but have to think there would be a few advantages to the rest of it going away as well. 

  • passionate_eye

    How innovative and courageous of PayPal to release a paid survey to validate their business plans
    I can imagine the  questions were like
     ” Would you like to NOT worry about losing money?” 
     ” “Would you prefer to go cashless or get gonorrhea?
    ” Between going cashless with PayPal or losing all your money to support your family, which would you prefer?”

    Who authorizes these surveys for companies? it’s just so lame! 

  • messenger666

    The occasional time that: the  ABM is down, that the store’s debit machine is down, that the store does not accept anything but cash, I go to the farmers market, or buy fresh produce roadside, that the girl guides are at my door – I will continue to use some cash. 

    What if the power goes out?  then too you are SOL with cashless.  A regular occurrence here.

    There will ALWAYS be a use for cash, especially those of us that live outside a major city.

  • K3

    wow well for the people that are against it you’ll just keep thinking the same way about it until you actually give it a try. 

  • Matt

    If the company doing the survey is benefited by the survey results then you can’t trust the survey results. There is no useful information here.

    On that note, I haven’t had cash in my wallet for about a month.

  • xxJDxx

    I use it daily and almost exclusively. Helps me control my spending and saves me on bank and service fees

  • ticky13

    Paypal deserves to die a horrible, horrible death.