‘Phone Size’ Compares the Actual Size of your iPhone to Smartphones on the Web


Ever wonder how much larger or smaller other smartphones are compared to your iPhone? Well, you can now do a straight up comparison on the web via the website Phone Size. Just add your phones (in our case, the iPhone of course), enter your screen type and size, and voila–the actual sizes of phones appear on your screen giving you a pretty good comparison of what other phones are like.

Along with comparing the size, specifications such dimensions, weight, screen size, screen resolution and pixel density are also included underneath.

It’s a pretty cool way to put your iPhone up against others. Here is the iPhone 4S next to the Nokia Lumia 800, Galaxy Nexus S, and the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 (which phone here doesn’t belong?):

Give this a try yourself and tell me what you think–any new phones in your future other than an iPhone?

[via Daring Fireball]


  • Guest

    I have no idea “which phone here doesn’t belong?”  All but the iPhone?  They all fit in my shirt pockets, even the Galaxy Nexus.  I think the iPhone 5 will be like the SGN, with a screen that fills the front with no physical front surface button – but I don’t think the phone size will increase.

  • I was referring to the sad looking BlackBerry 😉

  • Menna00

    I know what you mean by that but remember BB still hold a good 60% of the corporate world..

  • Yeah but their share is quickly eroding