Replacement iPhones Coming Pre-Shipped with iOS 4.3


iOS 4.3 isn’t arriving until next week on March 11th, but it appears replacement iPhone 4 units have already started to come shipped with the latest iOS. reader Arif emailed us that his replacement iPhone 4 from Fido came with iOS 4.3 pre-installed. He also mentioned Personal Hotspot works great on Fido. Currently, the only way to get an official build of iOS 4.3 is if you have an Apple Developer account.

Having an iPhone with iOS 4.3 pre-installed means unlockers won’t have an older baseband. So if you’re looking for warranty repairs, keep in mind your replacement iPhone could have the latest firmware installed.

Have you had a replacement iPhone 4 recently? Was iOS 4.3 pre-installed?

Thanks for the email Arif!



  • Weebsurfer

    If this is verified, I’m assuming apple is pretty confident in the current Gold Master release. Can anyone install it if they get hold of it or is it “developer locked”? (made that up… Dunno what you would actually call it) GM and Release have been the same for the last couple versions haver they?

  • It’s not developer locked. There are ways to get it on the web if you get

  • Ludovic

    I installed it but have a problem with SMS. Some are sent as MMS and I don’t understand why. I’m on Fido too…

  • wastedemu

    I just got a warranty replacement from rogers, shipped out on tuesday, came with 4.2.1, but they did send me a 32GB instead of a 16GB 😛

  • Arif

    I didn’t know my unit was on 4.3 until I tried jailbreaking it (I use My3G) a lot, and I’m kinda mad that it came with iOS 4.3. From my use today, it hasn’t given me any problems at all, used the Hotspot feature a lot, it’s pretty nifty! I was going to call apple today and tell them about this, but I have a feeling that this will lead to some sorta investigation, and I’m in the middle of midterm season at university and really don’t want to be bothered. I tried downgrading 😛 but no luck on that side either (followed the steps for the Beta downgrade). I’m not a developer or anything :S no way to prove it.. but yeh anyone else have this happen?

  • You wanted to complain for what exactly? Jailbreak is not something supported by apple… So if it does not work, it’s not their problem…

  • Arif

    Complain about sending me a phone with iOS 4.3

  • Yes, and what is the problem with iOS 4.3? If you only answer is
    jailbreak, it’s not a problem for Apple…

  • Howard

    Why don’t you try another replacement by making up an issue with this one? Who knows you may get one with 4.2.1.

  • Peter

    Illegally pirating apple software…

  • The ones that are at fault are those who distribute the iOS 4.3 GM because they violate the NDA agreement that they virtually signed…

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  • anon18181

    I just got a replacement today from the apple store downtown and it came with 4.2.1

  • Anushan

    if a buy a new iphone today will it come with 4.3 ?

  • Kirk Armstrong

    lol nice!

  • Spannaz88

    How long did you wait for it? Was it shipped out right after you spoke with Rogers about replacing it?

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