Rogers iPhone 4 8GB Promo: $0 on a Three Year Contract


Hot on the heels of Telus offering the 8GB iPhone 4 for $0 on a three year contract, now it appears Rogers has matched that promo. If you navigate to the Rogers website, the 8GB iPhone 4 in black or white now shows it’s free after subsidy, but you’ll need to sign on long term. This ‘limited time offer’ goes until June 30th, 2012.

For someone who is getting their first iPhone and doesn’t want to pay and is willing to sign on long term, this is a good ‘deal’. The question remains: when do you think Bell will match this offer? Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • This isn’t even close to a deal. Maybe $0 on a 12 month term, but 3 years for a 2 year old phone, plus they will most likely make you take a data plan. You’re much better off buying used if you want an iphone so desparately.

  • VigaTan

    Your $0 on a 12 months term is not that realistic. The regular price for a brand new iPhone 4 right now is around $600 with tax. I am not talking about used phone. That’s around $50 per month loss for 12 months to whoever giving you the phone for free.

    So unless your plan is at least $80 per month, the one that’s giving the free iPhone on a 12 months term is not going to do very well. The one that gives you that deal is the desperate one.

  • nosnoop

    Actually, just 3 weeks ago, the “Rogers Red Hot Deals” was selling the iPhone 4 16GB (not 8GB) for $63 on ONE year contract!
    Much better than this deal. It has since sold out. So $0 on 12 months is not totally unrealistic. It is within reach…. maybe after iPhone 5 is announced in the next few months?