Rogers Speculates Next iPhone ‘Coming Soon’ By Sending Out SMS


Update 1: as @shuether notes:

if you haven’t gotten the msg, texting YES to 471-5 will get you the confirmation msg too.

The confirmation message received notes device reservations require a $40 refundable deposit, and the Rogers Reservations System will have to be accessed through your My Rogers Account. The following image is from my own test:


Rogers today has sent out an informative text message to customers notifying them they could be the “first in line for Canada for the next iPhone” as soon as it becomes available, via the Rogers Reservation System.

If users reply “YES” they can be notified when the iPhone can be reserved. With speculation Apple will announce iPhones on October 4th, carries appear to be ramping up for the next launch. Rogers was the first carrier in Canada to exclusively offer the iPhone 3G in 2008.

Check it out the text below, along with the reply:

Telus iPhone 4 Sale Ends on the Eve of the Rumoured Media Event

Telus is currently offering the iPhone 4 for $99 on a three year contract, with the already extended sale set to expire on October 3rd, the eve of the rumoured Apple Media Event. Have you received this text message?

Thanks to everyone for sending this in (Pierre, @KMPhotographer, Dustin)!


  • LeoRenard

    Yep! I got this too!

  • Jreid2375

    Hoping to get this soon!!!

  • Hi folks, as usual we don’t comment on devices we haven’t announced. In this case, we’re simply highlighting the value of our National Reservation System. We’d encourage customers to sign up for it on MyRogers so they’re able to take advantage of the system when we do announce popular devices. 

    Hope this is helpful!

  • ck

    Thanks for this!  I had Rogers turn off advertising SMS.  Some exec in Ontario must have decided that 9am was a good time to send these … without realizing that it’s 6am on the west coast!

  • What a way to wake up!

  • Anonymous

    Someone I see this being a painful process. The iPhone hasn’t even been announced yet and it still takes a bit of time to launch the service. I imagine once the iPhone gets put on the reservation system that this system will be as slow as molasses.

  • Tigger59

    I never got this SMS from Rogers. Then again, I’m still waiting for the email from them telling me the iPhone 4 was in stock.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I got the text from Rogers and replied YES. After the replies back from Rogers I went to MY Rogers account and to Device Reservation and there is no iPhone in the drop down menu???
    Only Blackberry, Samsung and one other I can’t remember.
    So why would they say to go to My Account when the iphone selection is not even there.

  • Chris Johnston10

    I think it’s funny that I haven’t got the text message. I get a phone call from a Rogers rep every month trying to sell me on new promotions and I have upgraded my contract every year and got the new iPhone on day one since Rogers launched it. They probably figured that since I just moved to rural PEI and have no coverage that instead of upgrading this year I will be canceling my contract 🙂

  • Replying yes doesn’t let you reserve it now. You’re just signing up to be notified when it can be reserved.

  • Tom

    How do I ask for the $40 refund?

  • RogersCustomerServiceSucks

    So that’s it. Sign up with My Rogers … they won’t let me. I’m a Rogers customer but my password is not being accepted. I call Rogers and they transfer me to many people but no one can help me.

  • You just contact them, it will probably be credited to your account.