Rogers, Bell and Telus Users Affected by Cellular Data Used Over Wi-Fi Bug in iOS 6 [Update]


After hearing about our U.S. neighbours on Verizon being affected by the iOS 6 glitch where cellular data is used when connected to Wi-Fi, it appears Canadian wireless customers are also affected, such as those on Rogers and Fido.

We asked you on Twitter if you were being affected by this bug last night, and you responded. It appears numerous users have blasted through their data plans in a matter of days after installing iOS 6–the problem is not limited to the iPhone 5 it appears.

One main culprit appears to be iTunes Match, as it appears to use cellular data even when the setting is turned off. This happened to a friend of mine when he was on one of the late versions of iOS 6 beta–his 6GB data plan was consumed in a couple days and cut off. The bug appears to be present in the final release of iOS 6 and has affected numerous people.

Check out the storify below:

Have you been affected by this glitch? Share with us your carrier, device, iOS version and whether you have iTunes Match.

Update: It appears Bell and Telus users are also being affected.

Update 2: Rogers has responded with the following regarding this issue:

We have been able to confirm that the data bleed issues reported in the US do not apply to our OS version and customers should not be experiencing the same issues here. However, we do take these reports very seriously. Should anyone be experiencing this issue, we encourage them to reach out to us (by phone or via @RogersHelps on Twitter) so we can help troubleshoot.

Update 3: Bell responded the following statement:

We’ve received no reports from our customers about this.

Update 4: TELUS responds:

We have not heard of any issues among TELUS users but we are monitoring closely.

Clients should check for any cell data usage while connected to a WiFi network to ensure they are not impacted.


  • Yup. Me too. iPhone 4S on Bell. Burned thru 1.2 GB in 4 days after iOS6 installed. Read online that Podcast app might be culprit so deleted it. Seems to have stopped the bleeding, but will likely have to pay overages on my 500MB account. I DON’T use iTunes Match and never have, so that wasn’t the cause for me. It seemed to be the Podcast app, which didn’t respect the ‘wi-fi only’ setting. At least that was what stopped the flow of data.

  • TheShay

    In the first 6 days of iOS6 since updating my 4s, I was burning through 200-300MB a day. I then played around with settings, and went to iCloud – Documents & Data – and set use Cellular Data for that to Off.

    That appears to have fixed the issue. Looks like it was using cell data for iCloud backups, even though the phone was connected to WIfi.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    rogers, i have match… havent had a problem at least i dont think so

  • alamarco

    Apple released a fix for Verizon, but no one else?

    I’m not getting a carrier update here on Rogers.

  • Jay

    4 gigs in 2 weeks -_- and I only really use itunes match

  • Zachary

    Same here. I called up fido and they told me they knew about the issue and issued me a 500 MB bonus for the next 3 months
    I have iTunes Match and and iPhone 5. I burnt through 3GB in 6 days

  • wuju

    I already burned through 250mb in 5 days. shouln’t be since I only check email and stuff. not downloading any apps or music. Will call Fido.

  • djepsilon

    Rogers, iPhone 5, using iTunes match…. initial testing shows my WiFi is working just fine.

  • Therfman

    The iTunes Match bug has nothing to do with the carrier, it’s in iOS6. If you start a series of song downloads on WiFi and leave the WiFi area, they continue on cellular. This also includes any songs queued up while in WiFi also. So if you download an entire genius mix that’s 5GB, and leave after 1GB is done, it’ll do the other 4GB on cellular.

  • wuju

    did that as well. Called Fido and got 500MB for 3 months and this is only a one time deal. Hopefully Apple will fix that by then, otherwise we are in trouble cause one may never know if using wifi will not use any of your cellular data.

  • I checked my Fido app and see no real difference, so not sure its affecting me. The phone shows 5gb but If it restored with old data after the update its over months then.

  • Hasn’t affected me but I’ve never used iTunes Match so …

  • I burned thru 2GB in 6 days. Called Fido and was offered an extra 500mb buffer.

  • kenchernoff

    It looks like Podcasts has been affecting my data as well, as I burned through about 5GB within 10 days of my last billing cycle. I still have 10 days left in my billing cycle and have had to turn cellular data off because I’m afraid of overages.

  • Not seeing this on my iPhone 5 with Rogers and match.

  • I’m on iOS6, iPhone 4, Telus, and apparently burned through 15GB of data in 3 days according to the Cellular Data Usage settings. However logging into my billing online shows nothing unusual. Are we sure it’s not just being reported in the Settings app incorrectly?

  • NoOneCares

    I turned iTunes Match off after the first week because it is still not good enough for me. My usage had been higher than expected so, that makes two reasons to turn it off. So glad I got the 64 GB model!

  • Paul Graham

    On Rogers here with iPhone 5. I’m using Dataman to track my data as well and there is a HUGE discrepancy between what Settings -> Usage shows and what the Dataman app says. A lot of cellular data is leaking through somehow.

  • ThatGuy

    No issues on bell. I usually need to turn wifi off because its slower than LTE.
    iPhone 5
    No iTunes Match.

  • Jorin

    I am, I looked a couple of days ago, and I’m up past 9gigs with Koodo, on an iPhone 4. I don’t have iTunes Match.

  • frank

    same with me and streaming podcasts, just doesn’t make sense why it’s using more data now. now i download them at home on wifi then listen to them while before i could stream and stream and never go over my 6GB

  • My comment is the one with the YouTube video. I’ve blown through 7.5GBs this month, over 6GB since I got the iPhone 5. Normally I’m between 3 and 5 MAX… without even thinking about my data. Seems like there is slight bleed but it’s a very small amount of KB a night, which can’t account to 7GBs. I had 200KBs in 8 hours… and not much more today, maybe another 400KBs while using WiFi and using the phone as I normally would. To get that to 7GBs would take a LOT longer.

    I’m not sure what caused the extra usage, but I’m not ready to pin it on Apple or Rogers quite yet.

  • I contact @rogershelps yesterday because since on iOS 6 I almost go over my 6 GB data plan and they just told me to keep monitoring

  • I had this issue months ago on Telus when I started using iOS6 betas. Telus denied there was an issue and I never could figure it out. I happened to stop using iTunes Match since anyway and my problem went away. Would love to see this fixed!

  • Kellie

    This has been happening since ios5 came out to me. Response from Rogers – “what do you want me to do about it”. Since I never did go over my 6 gigs, it wasn’t like they could credit me back. Total phone lifetime usage was 900mbs at the time, sent and received. Billed for 5.2 gigs. And no. That plan was a brand new plan on a brand new month. So there was no overages from the prior phone.

  • wuju

    I don’t think I ever used iTunes Match. How do I make sure? Where do I turn this off?

  • alamarco

    So Rogers immediately states they have confirmed it does not affect them, but Fido is handing out an additional 500 MB?

    Something seems fishy about that.

  • Peter

    Right now I turned off my Wi-fi, exclusively using LTE. Partly because of this issue, partly because I can’t connect to my Wi-Fi with my Iphone 5 for some reason.

  • kyuusei

    Used something like 2 gigs since getting my iPhone 5 on launch day. Rogers, but no iTunes Match (and I don’t use iCloud either). Just figured it was because I really WAS using my phone more – especially with how fast LTE is. When I checked data usage on Rogers’ website though, it didn’t seem to be as much as my phone was claiming.

  • I think this is the issue–the discrepancy between what is being shown on the iPhone data counter and Rogers.

  • Peter

    My friend just called Rogers, and they told him it’s due to Apple trying to fix the map issue (don’t know how they know that), but anyway, they gave him unlimited data till Nov 2nd.

  • I didn’t expect this. The hole is getting bigger!

  • Not sure why someone gave you a downvote, I think this is exactly what it is. I don’t use itunes match. I’ve “used” a gig in 5 days according to the phone, which is impossible as I check twitter and FB while walking to work. Wifi at work and home. Fido app reports 100 megs used, which would be about right.

  • sully54

    i hope people do realize that the Cellular Usage counter in the iPhone does not reset every month. It’s an ongoing, cumulative amount for the life of the iPhone (it even carries over from back ups).

  • Tom

    What the phuck?!?! Why are there so many reported issues of iPhone 5/iOS 6 combo? Is there enough to sue Apple for selling such defective crap or are we all just holding the iPhone wrong?

  • Jamie

    I used 4.5GB of data in one day apparently. I think it was the new podcast app. Podcasts wouldn’t download over 3G so I streamed them. But the download remained stuck on ‘preparing to download’.

  • Helvetica

    My iPhone 5 says I have used 1 GB of data in 2 weeks. I have never in my 4.5 years of history with Fido (using a 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S) ever exceeded 200MB in a month. I am on Wifi all day and my cellular usage is usually around 130MB/month. I do use iTunes Match, but haven’t used it to stream on this phone yet. The first day I downloaded the songs I use regularly to my device while on WiFi.

    Fido tweeted me last night and said this issue only affects CDMA phones. So whatever, I have a 6GB plan so if they don’t mind my traffic increasing 10x my normal usage without paying them an extra dime I guess it’s their call.

  • djkwartz

    iPhone 4S with iOS6 on Rogers – I’m almost certain in my case that it is related to the Podcast app.. I have the option “Auto-Download”, “Use Cellular Data” to “OFF”. Rogers explained to me that they can see on Monday (Oct 1) around 2pm that I’ve downloaded more than 2GB.. I was at work on wifi and I’m pretty sure I was updating my podcasts subscriptions or they were auto-downloading.. Me too I often see that some are stuck at “preparing to download…” (and some are still showing this today). There was not much they could do for now as I was not billed yet.. they gave me 500MB for now to accomodate me but I will still be charged so I will need to call back at the end of the month to deal with my bill. They didn’t seem to be aware of the problem. I completely turned off the Cellular Data option to restrict all data to wifi as I’m not confident that the problem is solved.. I’m over with the iPhone, that was the final MAJOR problem, at the end of the month, I’m switching phone.

  • pegger1

    So their bonus data will last you an extra day 🙂

  • pegger1

    If the carrier isn’t seeing the huge overages then you’re good. But a lot of people are getting the overages on the carrier side. Even getting data limit warnings within a few days.

  • Iphone 4 on Telus same issue. For the year I’ve had the phone never used more than 1.5 gb of my 5 gb plan. Withina week of the updgrade got a text from Telus letting me know I’ve hit 75% of my data. Somethign to do with the podcasts app. I had download over cellular set to off in teh podcasts app setting. I did however stream a single podcast for a few days straight. It was only 45 mbs but my data usage for those days were 300 to 900 mb over my usual usage. Sicne getting the message I stopped streaming any podcasts and turned off the celullar Itunes updates (not too sure what that’s even for). My data usage has returned to normal since then.

  • In 2 days I have gone over 76% of my data plan. Never happened before. Called Rogers and said to do a full restore of my phone, or remove any apps that I have download in the past couple of day. For the record I haven’t downloaded anything new. They say that they don’t have any issues on their end. Right now I have turned off iTunes match and cell data off on my iPhone4. I have had iTunes match since Jan and never had any data issues. I think it’s either:
    1. iOS6
    2. Apple’s buggy, stupid PodCast app.

  • Hosein

    I think that’s iPhone 5’s own issue which apparently shows more data used than actual usage.
    Just compare the amount of data (~ 10.3 GB) that my iPhone 5 shows I’ve used so far (since I got my iPhone 5 on Sep 21st) vs. what Fido My Account shows (5.8 GB), which is the correct one:
    iPhone usage:

  • Jonathan

    100 % correct ,, I wish this post was highlighted for all the iPhone users ,, instead we have to go through useless posts from android groupies that come to “iphoneincanada” I don’t go to androidincanada , what’s the point I have a iPhone ,

  • Bell now has a report, because I made it. I called, and the lady on the phone told me that they had not heard of any issues at all, and that it must by some app I downloaded, blah blah… Bottom line, is that they don’t think it’s an issue. Not sure if they’ll do anything about the data overages (1.2 GB in 4 days before I tried a few things to fix it) She’ll phone me after my bill date to see if there is anything to be done. My advice is if you’re on Bell, and this is an issue, phone them and tell them.

  • Not seeing this on Bell either, but I’m also using LTE more than wifi since wifi is so slow and unreliable on iOS6/iPhone 5.

  • Alyssa M

    I’m having an issue with Bell!! 1.8GB of Data in 12 days – on my 3GS I hardly used 500MB in a month!! So frustrated with Bell as they won’t help me!!

  • I have the data leakage issue on Telus, and it’s confirmed from their website by a support person. The cure is “restore the software. If that doesn’t fix it return the phone for replacement”. The support person is convinced there is no system-wide issue and won’t log the ticket.

  • Alyssa M

    I’ve had the same problem!! I will call again so they have another report!!

  • angryatbellandapple

    Bell, iPhone 5, iOS 6, no iTunes Match – Reading some of the other comments it doesn’t seem like I have gone through as much data as others but 1.8GB in two weeks compared to my usual 500MB in a month.

  • gotta love that 1 bar fido reception 🙂

  • JeffT

    No problems with iPhone 5, iOS 6 on Virgin Mobile; I also reset my cell data usage every month on my billing date to keep accurate count of my daily use.

  • alamarco

    I’ve confirmed just now that I am experiencing this issue. My iPhone shows up as 237 MB cell and 230 MB wifi. Rogers is showing me at 379 MB. Note that it’s roughly 88 MB off, but Rogers is not up to date. I’m calling in tomorrow and hopefully something can be done. I’m not paying extra per month because of this.

    I stream radio all day at work and average 3-4 GB. If you add in my wifi usage I’m definitely going over 6 GB. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Carrier side, yeah, problem there. I think there’s a few things going on :/

  • Sensfantoronto

    I have the iPhone 5 32GB bought through Telus. WiFi is not working properly for me for the kost part. My home WiFi works, but am unable to connect to most public WiFi networks. For example, I am unable to connect to my local TimHortons WiFi network, nor my local Starbucks network. I am starting to beleive it is my phone & not the WiFi networks.

  • mike7060

    I’m on Telus and this happened to me. It was iTunes Match downloading songs when it shouldn’t have access to cell data.

  • bcrocket

    I don’t use iTunes match but I blew out my data plan anyway. There is a new Apple Podcast app with IOS 6 that seemed to download 100’s of already listened to podcasts over 3G.

    Went from an average 250MB to 700MB which is over my 500MB limit with Rogers.

  • Spear

    I phone 4S running IOS6 on the BEll network without Itunes match, but did download and use the new Apple podcast app. Spent the night in last night connected to WIFI and this morning data usage jumped to over 6gb’s. Spole to a Bell rep this morning, and they are not aware of any issue.

  • JR

    I’m on Bell and having the same problem as most–burning through data despite mostly being on wifi. I was on wifi in my office today and could see the cellular data being used in real time! Called Bell who said they hadn’t heard of the problem until now. It must be an IOS6 issue.

  • bcrocket

    I think it’s Podcast app too. IOS 6 removed podcasts from the music player. I had to download Podcast app and resubscribe to my podcasts It downloaded old ones I’d already listened to and it seemed to have done it over 3G

  • bcrocket

    I think it’s Podcast app too. IOS 6 removed podcasts from the music player. I had to download Podcast app and resubscribe to my podcasts It downloaded old ones I’d already listened to and it seemed to have done it over 3G.

    Just checked my account and Rogers has charged me for the overage yet.

  • I am with bell and I don’t have iTunes Match yet some how I’ve blown through 859mb of data in 4 days. I phoned bell an they denied the issues.

  • Jacob

    Since updating my iPhone 4 software I have used more data in the last week than I have used in the previous 5 months. Rogers denies that this is a problem and they informed me I “must have left apps running”. I use wifi at home and at work and I have just gone from using 150-200 mb/month to using 4GB in a week!

  • Remus C.

    It’s happening here in Europe too. Forums are full of Vodafone users that have to pay huge bills for cellular data overages.
    Personally I have to pay an extra 500 Euros this month. iPhone 4 iOS 6.

  • Hearn

    I’m only figuring this out now as for the second month in a row I have gone over since getting this iphone5. My data has gone through the roof . Bell will not ackowledge the issue. And why would they, they are going to make a fortune from these overages. Crooks!

  • jchaput

    I have an iPhone 4 on Telus and got same response
    Telus blames apple
    Apple blames Telus
    I have had iPhone replaced twice $169 fee
    I have to keep cellular data turned off. My smartphone isn’t very smart now
    Thinking about going back to blackberry
    I think it’s ios6′ I have applied 6.0.1 but no better

  • Seba

    Just called Fido about this ( i blew 700+Mb in 4 days where my usual monthly usage is around … 700Mb. Without any questions they gave me an extra 500Mb for the month. The agent reccon that more and more calls on the matter are logged in. He also told me to close watch my usage and if it ever happen (which I am sure it will), just have to call back. That time IT data dudes would investigate… but beware he said, no third time… Good luck to all of us.

  • khurram

    hi there i am not getting an option of cellular data network on my i phone 5 which is on rogers canada please help me out on this

  • Tim Leblond

    i have a friend that had this problem but was not aware of the issue
    Apple gave a new cell and said it was ISO6 software that was the problem and when she got her bill it was over $400.00 in data charges
    to make a long story short who is responsible for this
    Apple said the were not going to do anything about it
    Roger just cut her off until she paid the bill in full