See What’s Missing In The World Without Apple [INFOGRAPHIC]

As hard as it is to imagine the world without Apple, a company that totally transformed the way we make phone calls, listen to music, and interact with media. The kind of buzz that Apple creates is unparalleled and everything it touches seems to turn to gold. Today, Apple is an icon of technological greatness and inspiration.

So, whether you are using a Mac, an iPod, iPhone or an iPad, taking a look at the following infographic will tell that how a world without Apple would have looked vastly different from what we have now. Let us know what else we would be missing without the biggest technological corporation the world has ever seen.

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  • DS

    This is 2 years old!

  • Anonymous

    Those infographics are getting very boring lol…

  • Peter Pottinger

    wouldn’t really be missing much of anything

  • I don’t agree with this info graph. MP3 player was not invented by Apple!!!!! and before mp3 player, there were MD player, CD player, and Walkman! Phone? Apple did not invent cellphone. Come on!

  • Kraken

     No Apple didn’t invent anything.  They just made it better.

  • Kraken

     If anything, people would have lives, instead of ‘geeking out’ all day on their iPhones.  🙂

  • Anonymous

     Replace “better” with “the best” and you have an accurate statement.