Starbucks Locations in Canada Now Have Free ‘App Pick of the Week’ Promo Codes


Canadians patiently waited to receive the ability to pay for our Starbucks with our iPhones, as that option finally arrived last November. In the U.S., our neighbours also had access to free App Store promo codes via Starbucks ‘App Pick of the Week’ cards. Finally, this too has arrived in Canada.

Just visit your local Starbucks and ask for the card, or find them at the counter. Just recently Starbucks offered up EA’s Scrabble as their pick of the week, as seen in the picture below. Not a bad deal, considering the game is priced at $1.99 in the App Store (although it was recently on sale for 99 cents as part of EA’s President’s Day Sale):

The promo codes are displayed on the back of the card. To redeem, just enter the code on your iPhone or in iTunes on your computer. Let us know if your local store has these cards in stock!

Thanks @justywusty for the tip!


  • Curtis

    The starbucks I work at just got these in shipment ! Starting on Monday !

  • Nice! Keep us updated on what apps are available, thanks 😉

  • Joel

    Scrabble > Snapseed > some musician > Tetris
    the order might be wrong but that’s what it’ll be for the next few weeks of iTunes Pick of the Week..

  • Blackmagiic

    Sweet now the losers from the deal sites in Canada can go and grab the entire stack from Canadian Starbucks stores too!

  • Must…stop…them…with…iTaser…

  • Davisco

    Got the scrabble one at a Starbucks in Red Deer today. Redeemed it already.

  • ron

    This week it’s SnapSeed.  Can anyone confirm whether or not this “replaces” the free song cards on the weeks they come out, or if they are in addition to the free song cards?

  • It looks like it’s an addition. I visited a store that didn’t have the promo codes for apps, but still had tonnes of free song promo codes. I’ll find out soon enough.

  • Can you send a pic of your Snapseed card? thx

  • Joey

    I work at Starbucks and I can tell you the apps are not replacing “Song of the week” because the next redeemable card is a song by Leonard Cohen BUT the week after that is back to app again (Tetris)
    …though I can’t say for the rest of the country because it can different from different province

  • Joel

     OH by the way we’ll be start getting tv shows and movies 😉 …that I don’t know what we’ll be getting

  • Laserheart

    That would imply that the app cards ARE replacing the songs of the week because they aren’t happening at the same time.

    Are you saying there aren’t songs of the week as well as apps of the week at the same time?

  • ALT

    I have the app of the week but can’t read some of the symbols.

  • What is it for this week?