Telus iPhone, Bell iPhone, or Rogers iPhone?


Just hearing that title sounds quite strange doesn’t it? Given that Rogers has dominated the iPhone landscape in Canada since introducing the iPhone 3G in 2008, and the iPhone 3GS in 2009, it’s going to get crowded now that Telus and Bell are joining the fray.

Rumors Become a Reality: Telus and Bell Will Sell the iPhone in Canada in November

Long ago, rumors mentioned the possibility of the iPhone coming to Telus and Bell given their shared HSPA network building. These rumors were confirmed when the Globe and Mail broke the news early, and Telus and Bell confirmed the iPhone a day later.

When anything “iPhone” related is discussed, it’s always a hot topic–especially when it comes to existing Rogers customers. Now that there will be two “new” GSM competitors thrown into the mix, what exactly will happen to prices and plans? Will they get better, worse, or stay the same?

Telus iPhone Users Will Hope Their $15 Unlimited Data Plan Will Work on HSPA Network

A couple years ago, Telus introduced a $15 unlimited data plan–which many people jumped on like hotcakes. A few of my friends on Telus still have this plan and are holding onto it like it’s their “golden ticket” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A big question is whether or not this data plan will be grandfathered onto the new HSPA network. Times have changed and the iPhone uses lots of data–not compressed Blackberry data.

Current Telus smartphone data plans are as follows (this is on TOP of your voice plan):
$35: 500MB, Unlimited SMS, Caller ID, 10 Voicemails
$45: Same as above but 1GB and Visual Voicemail

It will be interesting to see how these smartphone data plans will be changed for the iPhone.


Bell iPhone Users Excited to Use the Largest National Network

Looks like Rogers’ claim of having the largest and fastest network will be coming to an end. The speed of the Bell and Telus HSPA network versus Rogers is keeping Bell customers excited. What are examples of current smartphone plans on Bell?

$45: 200 daytime minutes, 500MB data, evenings and weekends at 5PM
$45: 200 daytime minutes, 500MB data, evenings and weekends at 9PM, Fab Five

What we can conclude here is that it’s not pretty. We can only hope that with all three major carriers selling the iPhone, promotional pricing and extra bonus incentives are the only way they will lure customers away from their existing networks.


Get Ready for Holiday iPhone Promotions Coming Soon

The networks will dangle “bonus” unlimited local minutes, early evening and weekends (probably at 6pm or 7pm), unlimited texting, etc. but only for a limited time–to get you sign your life away to a three year contract for the iPhone. They might even throw in some free accessories to sweeten the deal. The funny thing is people will jump right onto the iPhone train because it’s just beginning to take off.

I can only imagine the workload cut out for customer service reps once these iPhone wars start up next month. Once the holidays come, I would expect some amazing deals either from Bell, Telus, or Rogers to sign up as many iPhone customers as they can. As for actually finding an iPhone 3GS in stock? Err…that’s another story…

What do you want to become? A Telus, Bell, or Rogers iPhone customer?


  • Justin

    I would like to see what are their local calling coverage in Toronto would be. Fido/Rogers just killed me because now I have to pay long distance to make calls to Toronto from Newmarket starting on Oct. 15! Called Fido and they stay firm that this applies to all customers, even ones (me) who's been with them over 10 years now. I will jump ship if Bell or Telus local calling coverage is what it is today on Fido. This resizing (shrinking) of the local call coverage on Fido/Roger is pissing me off.

    Any one know if Telus or Bell call from Newmarket to Toronto today is considered a long distance call with a mobile Toronto number?

  • mrutada

    It all depends on prices and offers.

    I'm with Rogers already and I seriously willing to change carriers if Rogers cannot compete.

    Pretty much looking a cheap plan that consists of:

    * = Doesn't matter

    100-200+ Minutes *
    Unlimited Evenings and Weekends *
    500 MB+ *
    a My5/Fab5 or any of the sort

    pretty much a cheap voice plan that has a Fab5/My5 feature and a reasonably priced Add-on package such as:

    Unlimited SMS
    Caller ID
    Any other feature *
    and possibly a Data feature (such as 500MB)

    I'm pretty much going to wait until someone posts the changes and the what Telus and Bell can offer to me if and when i consider to switch over.

  • Dusty

    I can't really say about leaving Rogers yet, I need to see what Telus and Bell have to offer in plans and price. It has to be a good reason for leaving (Already have one, Rogers is crap lol) but if its going to cost me lots of grief… Well see.
    The coming holiday season will be interesting to see whats all going to be offered through carriers. Let it begin!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I know a guy who works in my workplace (he's a Wireless Wave employee) and upon talking to him about the “potential” iPhone wars amongst Bell, Rogers and Telus he says it's much ado about nothing. He says price plans will remain relatively the same across the board and there will be no undercutting of plans put forth by any of the carriers. As I stated in previous postings on this topic it will amount to collusion on all three carriers' part. I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

  • Anon

    Don't count on any savings. These guys know that for every one customer they loose to one carrier they will gain one from another.

    Has there *ever* been any decent competition from these big players whether it comes to internet, cell phones or television?

    I suspect on seeing points number 19 to infinity about Rogers for years on end.

  • Angelo

    Here is my 2 cents of what I noticed lately. Early last week I called Bell since my plan is expiring on October 15th to see about cancelling.

    They were offering me all kinds of good deals which i told them i would think about. I have been waiting for my plan to expire to get an iPhone but didn't know at that point that Bell was getting the iPhone.

    Off I went to a Rogers shop at lunch last week. I actually was surprised. They had the iPhone 3gs 32 gigs Black. Sat with the guy and to get a decent plan I would have to fork out 80.00 for the plan and 20.00 for a value pack + 2.58 or so for the gorvenment fee. so 103.00/month. Thank god I had forgotten my credit card. The guy said no problem just come back later today.

    Talk to my brother in law and colleagues and was quite surprised to find out that they had recently signed for around 65.00 per month with 3 times the usage 6gigs instead of 2 gigs and most other feaftures better. Once I realized that I called Rogers thinking that since I had my internet/land line/cable and another cell phone with data plan they would give me a break. A break they gave me they recommened i get a 65/month plan that had 500Megs data. Are these guys for Real???? Talk to a Customer's Relation manager who told me that there is nothing to do. Told her I was moving all services away from them. She said go ahead no problem at all I will put a note on your account that you are doing it. She even denied that Bell and Telus were getting the iPhone so that If I wanted one I would need to go thru Rogers. Too funny!

    The day before the Customer Rep told me that she couldn't careless about my services that she's in the business of selling new stuff.

    Ah well, my question to you guys is did any of you signed at the new October rates? I couldn't justify plaing 40-50 more for something that was pretty decently price as of Mid-September.

    In November, Bell here I come. They will get my iPhone, My Land Line, my internet and my cable. I have never been threated the way I was with ROGERS this week. Incredible!!!

    I think Rogers arrogance will be lowererd in no

  • Carl

    You do know Rogers and SHAW are two different companies… right? She wouldn't care about your internet/cable because Rogers is different.

  • xaroc

    I have an Active Telus and Rogers Service Telus is going to be buying me one of these new iphones lol but as i mentioned before on another thread. im still concerned about gaps in service or Bugs, like Dropped calls , Network Crashes and so on. switching from CDMA to GSM costs some money, and i would imagine going to take some fine tuning before we see the “perfecet” service

  • millers12

    does anyone know if you buy an unlocked Iphone if it will work on telus or bell??

  • gamerj

    I will stay a Fido customer

  • Scott

    I'm really surprised the author of this story didn't include the add-on cost for data with Bell. And with Bell we “should” have a good comparison as they have the Pre which is just an data hungry as the iPhone.

    $35 Add On 500mb, Unlimited Texting, Caller ID, Voicemail
    $45 Add On Unlimited Data, Unlimited Texting, Caller ID, Voicemail

    Now even though as it stands Bell has the cheapest plans you do have to put up with customer service that can be well, terrible. Not that it matters though as every carrier is going to have to drop their rates if WIND mobile launches.

  • Chris

    How is the service of Bell/Telus in comparison to Rogers? Less dropped calls? More stable data connection? If Bell/Telus has a much better package rate, then I may switch over but if Bell/Telus service is worse than Rogers/Fido then I may have to think about that.

  • ReyT

    'Not sure if my wife can wait any longer…she's renewing with Fido now while there's still plenty of 3GS in stock. She's getting my 3G, while I feast on the 3GS. Any news about a new gen iPhone next year?

  • angelo

    How much is her plan?

  • Cul

    none. they all suck!

  • Cul

    Hey Angelo,

    Rogers is the worst for that. I had internet problems & own a computer shop. When I called them for support I knew their was an issue with the modem & kept fighting with them for me to swap it out. Had me do all their BS support only to discover it was the modem.

    Basically i would try & download something & it would pull down half the file & crap out. So sure enough I went over the cap they know have in place & owed them an additional $25. (sneeky pricks put a cap on our internet) When I called to try & have it waived considering this was obviously an issue they should have chewed up, they just argued & said cancel if you want. So I did & I really hope you do too. These pricks need a lesson but the sad thing is most of these big companies are teaching all of us a lesson.

    The point of my story, since cancelling, Rogers was driving me nuts to get internet again with them & making me great offers but all I wanted from them was to understand this was their mistake. All they cared about was my $… shama shame. Rogers has no customer support. They are tellers trying to steal our money ๐Ÿ™‚

    FU Rogers

  • v416

    I have a family member who is an employee of Rogers.. I save 50% on all plans so screw telus and bell

  • Paul_R

    This is good news as I was looking to purchase an iphone next month, am looking forward to hopefully some great deals.

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  • Jade_1

    Does anyone know if the $99 8GB 3G iPhones sold at Rogers now are actually refurbished, hence the low price? Thinking of getting one (budgetary concerns) but don't like used phones. Any advise greatly appreciated.

  • dave

    they are brand new but you need a 3y conract

  • vik

    anyone know when telus/bell/rogers/fido will officially release the iphone and the plans?
    my 3 yr contract just expired with rogers and want an iphone now… but im lookin for the best possible deal!

    any ideas or suggestions? thx in advance!

  • Name

    Am new to the world of smart phones but want to get an iphone in the next few weeks. My question is about the data part. Is 500 MB a lot to casually surf the net, play itunes purchases and iphone apps? Or will this level of data just be frustrating. Thanks in advance.

  • bob911

    I have an existing iphone with Rogers that I cancelled months ago because of poor service. Do you guys know if my iphone will work on the Bell network with a new chip? According to Bell the phone and messaging should be easy but they are not sure yet about the data!

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  • Spiffy

    talked to a bell rep who told me a few details

    $55 – 1GB 300 minutes, call forwarding and another option that no one would use so I can't remember
    $75 – 2GB 400 minutes, visual voice mail, caller id and call forwarding + other option

    There was a third one, but I can't remember the detials. All of this is from memory from the sheet the bell rep showed me. They wouldn't give me anything written down.

    Hope that helps out a few people. I'm not holding my breath on telus pricing since they are partners on this new network. Probably similar if not exactly the same…

  • REL

    Oh wow… not the great deals everyone was hoping for ๐Ÿ™ Guess I will be staying with Rogers!

  • skeptical

    im already with bell…since i have that store credit from paying my bills n stuff…i might aswell continue with bell….but still sketch about it….reception wise..bell seems to suck lol…gah…i just want to know if theres anything that bell limits in the iphone like they do in their other phones versus rogers enabling everything….you know?


    WIND will be a joke. A tiny coverage area for a period of time then once they become a viable cell phone option one of the BIG three will buy them. Just like bell bought virgin…..are you really that stupid to think WIND will change anything??? hahaha seriously bud.


    WIND will be a joke. A tiny coverage area for a period of time then once they become a viable cell phone option one of the BIG three will buy them. Just like bell bought virgin…..are you really that stupid to think WIND will change anything??? hahaha seriously bud.