Telus to Support Earth Hour 2012 by Turning Off Its Lights Across Canada


Earth Hour takes place this Saturday evening to address climate change, and Telus and its team members plan to join the cause. In a press release posted earlier today, the company noted it will turn off lights for 60 minutes across its 27 major buildings across Canada:

“By participating in Earth Hour, we are joining the global village in raising awareness of the need for us to work as one to support our environment,” said Josh Blair, executive vice-president, TELUS Human Resources. “Earth Hour is yet another way for the TELUS team to stand and be counted as we continue to do our part each and every day to contribute to environmental sustainability.”

Telus has also encouraged its 40,000 ‘team members’ (employees) to do the same. Other recent environmental initiatives undertaken by Telus include their ‘trade-in’ program that offers up to $200 in credit for your old cellphone.

Do you have any plans for Earth Hour?

[via CNW]


  • Mark Roberts

    They should turn off their lights every night.  Not just during Earth Hour.  Why are lights kept on in skyscrapers at night?

  • FragilityG4

    So planes don’t crash … Also if all skyscrapers were all turning their lights and computers on in the morning at the same time it would overload the grid.

  • ih8earthhour

    That’s stupid.  LEDs can mark the towers for planes and lights could be turned one one floor at a time before anyone showed up to work.  

    Just as dumb as “earth hour”.  Let’s all turn off our light for an hour and then feel good about how green we are for another year. Boycott Earth Hour.  Keep the lights on.