Twitter Sporadically Testing ‘Mute’ Feature Within its iOS App


Users of Twitter’s mobile apps for iOS and Android are seeing an option popping up allowing users to mute people, as noted by The Verge.

Once you mute someone, you won’t see their tweets until you unmute them. This is handy if you’re following someone and they tend to post spoilers when it comes to sports or TV shows. Just mute them and say good bye.



  • Coach

    Merely a coincidence who’s account is being shown in a “muting” story? lol

  • Chrome262

    LOL, I tried to see if I see it, and looked for Trump as well. But I don’t have the feature. I did try it on others that I actually follow to see it would be there but no luck there as well.

  • Al

    I have it on my iPhone but not my iPad.