WIND Mobile Monthly Plans Leaked?


Remember how WIND mobile was given life again by the Federal Government and allowed to launch their new wireless network in Canada? Well, it looks like someone with loose lips has possibly leaked WIND Mobile’s monthly plans over at Howard Forums. I’ve already heard from some of you that WIND has setup stores within Blockbuster Video locations.

Take a look at the following and tell me what you think:

Chat: $15 per month
Unlimited WIND to WIND calling (Canada wide)
Unlimited incoming text
100 province-wide voice minutes
50 text messages

Always Talk: $35 per month
Unlimited WIND to WIND calling (Canada wide)
Unlimited province-wide calling
Unlimited incoming text
50 outgoing text messages

Always Shout: $45 per month
Unlimited Canada-wide calling
Unlimited incoming /outgoing text messages

Data Plans
Infinite Mobile: $35 per month (used with any voice plan)
Unlimited internet for phones (tethering too)

Infinite Laptop: $45 per month
Unlimited internet for USB data sticks

Possibly there will be a web on your phone only type data plan for $10/mn.

BlackBerry data plans
Social BlackBerry: $10 per month
instant messaging, Facebook and MySpace.

Infinite BlackBerry: $35 per month (used with any voice plan)
Unlimited internet for

Voice: 10c Per Minute with the $15 plan
SMS: 10c each
MMS: 20c each
Voicemail: $5

Long Distance:
$20 for unlimited North America
I don’t have a lot of other details on long distance, there is going to be a number of different plans.

If these prices are indeed true, this is good news for consumers. Why? Well because they put pressure on Rogers, Telus, and Bell to either match or beat WIND’s plans. What strikes my eye is the $15 monthly plan that has unlimited WIND to WIND calling. Think about the sheer number of students that would sign up to such a plan!

Either way, I’m excited to see what WIND can do to mix up the wireless services we have in Canada. Their prices and launch remind me of Fido and Clearnet back in the day, prior to them both being bought out (by Rogers and Telus). Let’s hope WIND can sustain itself and truly offer Canadians decent prices and good customer service.

As for the iPhone on the WIND network, it won’t happen since it’s a 1700MHz spectrum. If Apple is smart, they would hit up WIND for selling the upcoming iPhone…as that would really give WIND some speed to come out of the gates! Wishful thinking, but we all know anything is possible. We know that WIND has already mentioned plans to carry the iPhone in the future:

Lacavera said the company, which will focus on high-end smartphones, will launch with the BlackBerry, but added he is in discussions to begin carrying Apple Inc.’s iPhone at a later date.

What do you think of these plans?



  • Those are greatttttttttt

  • Dwight

    wow if those plans are true i dont care cancel my fido iphone plan and go with those plan and get a new iphone once Wind carries it

  • dudemaster

    I agree. I would cancel too – but after they get the iPhone…

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I must say that if that Unlimited Shout is province wide (with no borders/boundaries or zones) & that you don't have to worry about crossing imaginary lines and then getting dinged “roaming” fees I'll be saying ADIOS! to Fido. If I include their Infinite Mobile with unlimited internet I can save myself $20.00 a month on my Fido bill which = $240.00 a year = $720.00 over a 3 year plan. Enough for a new phone and probably then some. I'm there!

  • I'm in Montreal… So no WindMobile here… I really hope that the big three will offer something similar Canada wide, not only some regional plans where Wind is available…

  • You should wait a few days… I'm sure fido will offer something to compete with those plans…

  • Dusty

    Very interesting and decent plans, but then again these are just leaks… 😛
    I heard on the news that WIND Mobile might start as soon as Monday in Calgary?
    Now to hopefully see some price wars with the BIG 3! Mwhahaha Let the blog post's wars begin, well maybe… lol

  • dudemaster

    I would leave Rogers on principle. They reduced the price to keep up with WIND. Why didn't they just charge a fair price with fair profits in the first place?

  • andrewboarder

    Rogers/bell/telus will have to do some MAJOR price reductions to match these. Wow some great plans! I'd leave shitty Rogers for sure. Wonder if a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone would work on WIND?!

  • momin

    no it wouldn't because the iPhone doesn't support the network frequency that WIND runs on.

  • nelson

    iPhone won't work on WindMobile network at least the next iPhone where some analysts predict that T-Mobile USA will get it. ( WindMobile and T-Mobile USA 3G Frequencies are the same but they aren't the same as AT&T and Rogers/Bell/Telus )

  • ashleylandis

    Those prices are unreal! The infinite blackberry one almost makes me pass out. I'm paying so much for service now it makes me super mad. Thanks for posting this.

  • dwight

    thats true too, i treaten them before that i was gonna leave and they lower my iphone plan from $100 to $61 with the same 6GB data, i wonder what else can they do since wind coming out:)

  • codeblue009

    i felt exactly the same way (even though im still getting a pretty good plan with fido) but from what read on other sites is wind mobile will not be in quebec and that videotron bought the area, (out bid) wind mobile for the quebec region, and videotron will be starting their own wireless service thats would not be related to rogers….i hope this info is false as many montrealers look forward to signing up with wind mobile.

  • I've heard of people using iPhone's on T-Mobile is the US just fine though?

  • Amit

    This is a hope less plan for launching a new wire less company
    I don't think with this kind of plan wind mobile can attain their market share
    LOOKS LIKE They are another rip of company with hands in pocket with Rogers and Bell, I see no difference

  • Daniel

    in many other countries calling to someone with the same provider is cheaper or free and calling country wide is all considered local, this is not new. They will do well but it does not guarantee all other companies will match their prices, just offer something different to differentiate from the competitor.

  • Martin

    Yeah if this rates are true I'll move off Fido/Rogers as well…regardless of how they try to entice me to stay…they could have been charging reasonable rates all along…to do so now that competition is coming about is as bad as that whole negative billing they did years ago…Plus if we have any hope in Canada of decreasing rates, better service and data plans then it's new companies like this that will force Bell, Telus and Rogers to finally respect the customer..

  • mark4propane

    I am looking for a more business oriented plan with 400 to 1,000 minutes per month during peak hours of the day, monday to friday. All the above at only 100 prime time minutes per month are for suckers who end up hating the cell company because it is not enough minutes during peak hours. I pay an extra $2 a month to my extra $5 a month voicemail fee for early nightime calls. My night free unlimited calls start at 5PM.

  • Sigh — this makes me miss Fido in the good ol' days. Everyone I knew signed up for Fido for the free Fido-to-Fido nationwide. It meant I could call my brothers in BC and my sister in Ottawa from Montreal and I could afford it on a student budget!

  • kensmartz

    I just don't see a great deal here. $45 for the unlimited voice, $35 for unlimited data (ok it's better than 6gb) and $20 for long distance. It's the same old stuff. These prices are set as benchmark of Telus, Rogers and Fido not some clear attempt to provide an alternative. Here's an alternative: flat rate, one fee, for whatever you do.

  • dudemaster

    I think that the $20 is for North America. The $45 package is for all of Canada.

  • m malik

    what about the incoming calls? Wind will be charging or it will be included in the plans province wide?

  • m malik

    no plans for joint or family plans?

  • NoMoreTelus

    I'll wait and see before I get too excited. Wind may be trying to be different now, but I suspect that in time they will become just as greedy as the others if they actually survive.

  • wow

    The price includes caller ID and voice mail. and Unlimited incoming and outgoing calling/text across Canada!!

  • cris perte

    i don`t know why everybody`s so pissed off with rogers, telus & fido. We`re re all so COMFORTABLE & climatised to paying UNBELIEVABLE MARK-UPS on EVERYTHING that its a no-brainer for corporations to sell you a product at twice the production+distribution costs. Don`t freaking whine about it, next time you go to buy a bedroom set BARGAIN!(unless you go united furniture warehouse…).
    / and then again there are telecoms and such companies that theres no bargaining with. They just take whatever $$ the government leaves you with after their taxes… i got nothing against taxes, as long as, how do i put this …. long as “the rubber hits the road” !!!!

  • marut

    hey i hav my iphone widout any contract..but the wind people are sying that it wont work with our network..they are saying that they need 1700mhz frequency phone ..bad,,, 🙁

  • sweetcindy5

    bummer………..i really do think that the iphone should be available for wind. This would promote a big shift in phone companies. The iphone is one of the best smartphones in this generation. With its availability in wind, it would be big! i really hope that this does occur and take effect. Many people in the world cannot afford to pay for their phones every month with a contract. Wind will change phone companies forever!!!. Since I am only 13, I am not in authority to promote this to occur, but I sure do wish that the iphone would be available for wind by early 2010. It wouild be the best thing.

  • big pappa

    now I am not sure whats going on with the area in brampton, you know(sandlewood park way) when are they going to cover here, (dam) I have to sit in my basement with one bar and can't make a call. if you guy's dont smart up I will have to go back to roger telecommunication and spread the word that you guy's can'
    t cover what you said you can.

  • William Irving

    When somebody places a phone call to my Wind Mobile phone they may get a message something like “Sorry that number is not in service and thank you from BELL”. This is the only carrier that this happens with that I know of. I have been working with Wind Mobile since February 26, 2010. Today is March 10 and still no resolution to the problem. It appears that BELL is not co-operating with Wind Mobile, doesn't it?

  • moron

    I was in their Calgary office to try hook in to service , but technical rep told me that they not accepting any cell phone from another company even its can work with they service !!!!!!!

    But on website it says they can accept any cell phone which is can handle their tech requirement.

    So people there is no way using your old cellphones on their service .

    I was into Wind but now ……..

  • Crackberry WIND user

    I've been with WIND since launch and I've noticed the service improve in the “North of Bovaird/Sandlewood Pkway/Goreway)” area to the point where I'm very happy overall. I still get drop-outs in the basement but heck, it is a concrete basement…it was no better with Ted's network 🙂 Connecting to the home Wi-fi at least ensures my emails come through. On another note, while I've been a carckberry patron for years, I'm still hoping that WIND gets the iphone one day!

  • sarahkristal

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  • Chris Thomson

    I’d suggest letting Apple know that Canadians would greatly appreciate the iPhone supporting WIND:

  • Well this was interesting to read, perhaps I will come back later and check out more stuff!

  • nagi mansour

    the phone doesn’t have web all day long ,it comes only in night. the store man said that the phone it is not connect it and he fix it BUT STILL THE SAME PROBLEM

  • Areta

    When is the iPhone coming out for wind?