Just Mobile Lazy Couch™ [Review]


Folks, I’m gonna keep this one as simple as the product itself. Called the Lazy Couch™, this small laptop accessory has been designed by Just Mobile, a company known for its iconic products such as the Xtand for iPhone / iPod, Gum Max Pro battery pack and AluPen Pro to name a few. It is meant to keep your laptop elevated for a more comfortable typing experience and more importantly, to keep it running cooler and quieter by facilitating air circulation underneath.


  • High-quality aluminium construction
  • Fits most laptops and tablets
  • Provides more comfortable typing experience
  • Cooler and quieter operation
  • Clip it for storage, perfect for traveling


  • 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches



Just like any other Just Mobile product, the Lazy Couch™ comes packaged in a decent looking box. You get a pair of mini stands, Just Mobile product catalog and a couple of logo stickers.

The two circular stands are made up of high quality non-slip rubber and solid aluminum which perfectly matches the finish of Apple’s MacBook lineup. The two can be easily interlocked together to form a neat portable package (and serve as a nice looking paper weight too).

The stands are meant to be used on a flat surface such as a desk, though I use it on my cushion too. You keep them at a slight distance on the desk and put your MacBook or just about any laptop over them. You can always adjust their positioning until you feel comfortable. The non-slip rubber on top as well as at the feet ensures maximum stability.

As advertised, the stands works to raise the laptop at a more ergonomic position for easier typing as well as to allow air circulation underneath to help with cooling. I’ve personally noticed a much quieter MacBook pro (with fans running a lot less) with these underneath.

You can also use it with an iPad, thus keeping it at an ideal angle for typing.


Though the Lazy Couch™ is not a necessity for all, but if anyone’s looking for a neat looking, relatively inexpensive (as compared to laptop cooling fans) portable solution that can keep a laptop running cool and quiet, this should definitely be on the list.


  • randyritraj

    That’s not ergonomic!  Typing with your wrists ‘up’ isn’t good for you.  To be ergonomic you should put those things at the front of the laptop so that your wrists remain more straight.

  • Mikef2007

    Or there should be 4 of them. One for each corner.

  • Bbbb

    unscrew pop bottle lids, write on a bag for iPad or Macbook and price it at 20$

  • alamarco

    Since this is iPhone/iPad related I’ll throw a suggestion for the Griffin Arrowhead. Two small magnetic pieces that allow you to place your iPad or iPhone in portrait, landscape or typing positions. Easily the best thing I’ve bought and while it doesn’t support the Macbook, if you’re just looking for iPad/iPhone stand it’s a good option.