Apple Says watchOS 1 Updates to End in 2018; App Sizes Can Now Be 75MB


Apple has announced to developers they want them to “update your watchOS apps”, to ensure their apps can take advantage of the latest watchOS 4 SDK for “increased performance, new background modes for navigation and audio recording, built-in altimeter capabilities, direct connections to accessories with Core Bluetooth, and more.”

Watchkit 128x128 2x

The company also has announced the increase of a watchOS app bundle from 50MB to 75MB.

Also, as of April 1, 2018, Apple says updates to older watchOS 1 apps “will no longer be accepted”. Updates now need to be native apps developed with watchOS 2 SDK or later, while new watchOS apps “should be built with” watchOS 4 or later.

Earlier this afternoon, Apple released iOS 11.1.2 for iOS devices.


  • MGSayah

    That’s the shortest lifecycle I’ve ever seen. Wow!

  • Jason

    I was an early adopter to the watch when it first came out. This is ridiculous. With stunts like this and apples pricing I’ll be taking a hard look at android next time.

  • Philganso


  • Zirak

    Can’t you just update your first gen watch OS to the latest version, and
    voila problem solved? They’re not saying they are ending support for
    the first series watch altogether…

  • Philganso

    I hope you two are trolls. What are you talking about?? Do you think Apple is discontinuing the first gen Watch? Learn to read.

  • raslucas

    WatchOS is not 1st Gen AppleWatch. There’s nothing wrong with discontinuing updates for a 4 year old OS. Apple Watch runs faster with updated apps.