Google Music Beta HTML 5 Web App Released For iPhone, iPod & iPad


Earlier today, official twitter account of @Google mentioned that their new music beta web app for iOS devices has just gone live, allowing beta testers of the google’s new music service to enjoy their uploaded music library on the go by simply visiting on any iPhone, iPod or iPad running iOS 4 or above using Mobile Safari.

As tested by 9to5Mac, the HTML 5 based web app asks the user to allow 25 Mb of data to be stored on the device upon initial launch. Once allowed, you are shown a list of all the artists whose songs you have already uploaded to the google music service. From there, you simply pick a song and the “Now Playing” page appears playing your song just like it would on the iPod / music app.

Check out a hands-on video of Google Music Beta for iOS web app on YouTube here.


  • Ksmith05

    For me it says: currently for US residents

  • Anonymous


  • Memo H 88

    Same here as well

  • Arturo Revilla

    You can request an invite by connecting with a VPN. When I get my account I’ll post back with my comments

  • Arturo Revilla

    I got the invite and added songs to my account. Seems to be working OK. It is a pain to have to upload songs instead of searching (like in rdio) But I could play songs that rdio couldn’t find for which I have the CD to upload.

  • Kevin

    I’m getting errors when doing this. I hit increase the 25mb and then the error comes up

  • cwh

    Do like Arturo says above. Use a US VPN and get an invite.

  • We’re sorry. The Google Play music player is currently only available in the United States.