Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl Features A Built-In iPhone Dock


Design firm MisoSoupDesign has developed the world’s fist ramen bowl that features a built-in iPhone dock. Called the “Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl”, the bowl will hold your iPhone at the ready so you’ll never eat alone again (via TIME Tech). With Anti-loneless, you can keep in contact with friends and loved ones while you eat.

Ramenbowl 610x406

There’s currently no word on pricing or availability other than a Facebook photo from late November stating that the product “will be available soon.” MisoSoupDesign has created samples of the bowl in black white and red colours. 

This ramen bowl features a built-in iPhone dock. The genius of our civilization beams forth with the brightness of a million laser pointers.

The angle of the dock seems like your iPhone’s front-facing camera would be perfectly positioned for video chatting. “Those noodles look so up-close and lifelike as you shove them into your mouth!” squeals your long-distance girlfriend. “And your ability to talk and chew at the same time makes you a more desirable mate than other suitors – even those in the same city as I!”

Ramenbowl2 610x528

Do you plan on getting one of these once the product goes on sale? If yes, how much are you willing it pay for it?


  • K3

    Man, first off no device should be that close to any food especially the kind you can get sloppy with. Second- whats next an iCrapper… some things just shouldn’t be combined for “convenience” sake. If free this wouldn’t even be on the list of something to try out.

  • Man this is so sad. If I were depressed enough to be at the point where I’m cosidering buying a bowl like this, I would probably come to the conclusion that it’s time to jump off a bridge.

  • Seriously!

  • WatDaPhuck

    It goes to show exactly how lonely you are if you have to use this bowl! WTF!
    This has to be one of the most ironic product ever.

  • Most useless item I’ve ever seen