Apple Stores Begin To Stock Verizon-compatible iPhone 4 Bumper

With the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4, Apple slightly tweaked the design of the device to make the iPhone 4 work on a CDMA network. This design change caused a slight downward shift of the iPhone 4 silent switch.

This concern immediately worried Verizon users, since most existing iPhone 4 cases would be incompatible. Soon after, rumors started circulating that Apple would redesign its iPhone 4 Bumper case to fit the Verizon iPhone 4. The video below proves just that!

The video showcases an updated iPhone 4 Bumper found at a USA Apple Store. As seen in the video, the silent switch cut-out is slightly more narrow and longer to fit the Verizon iPhone 4. However, this is the only real difference between the new Bumpers and the previous Bumpers.

This new iPhone 4 Bumper case is likely going to start showing up at Apple Stores worldwide, as it would not make sense to carry/manufacture two types of Bumper cases when one design works with all iPhone 4 devices.


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  • Canadian

    Why would people in Canada care about this as the CDMA iPhone will never be used up here?

  • A new modified antenna design is important to ALL iPhone 4 users.

  • Crosseyed_mofo

    ??? how so
    none of us are ever going to use these phones let alone the bumpers… our current iphone 4’s arent going to get an antenna redesign…

  • Ex

    We will probably see the Bumpers

  • Canadian

    Why would we see bumpers for a phone that will not be used in Canada? The original iPhone 4 being used on Rogers, Telus and Bell will not be changing. Canada is moving away from CDMA.

  • Canadian

    Aah, nevermind, I get where you are going… Bigger hole for the silent switch.

  • Ex


  • Crosseyed_mofo

    ohhhh this id like

  • Codywoodward

    The 30 pin plug hole appears to be bigger too, which hopefully means it would work with more than just apple’s plug!

  • JfromK

    I wish I had a CDMA iPhone as a Bell customer, CDMA coverage is HUGE across Canada, I travelled across Canada with my iPhone last summer and I was without service for at least 70% of my trip. If I’d had my Blackberry Storm still I would have had cell coverage the entire time I was traveling.