AppleCore Cord Organizer Solves your Tangled Woes


There’s nothing worse than spending time to untangle your headphones. Apple’s existing headphones have a more ‘springy’ rubber compared to older generations, but they still get tangled easily. A new solution to solve this comes from the AppleCore Cord Organizer.

Using the shape of an Apple core (genius), this little rubber helper will keep all your cords tangle-free. It’s a great idea, and it’s selling for a pretty decent price (ranges from $1.99-4.99). You can get ‘cores’ in sizes small, medium, or large to work with any sized cords.

We’re going to try and get a hands on with these. Stay tuned. You can check them out here.

[via freshome, thanks Phil!]


  • Nifty! Although I think they are relatively expensive for what they are.

  • Crzyrio

    Great idea, beats a lot of those cable tie ups! Might just invest in some of these once i move

  • Calgary

    i thought it was one of those things you pull the cable, but correct me if im wrong but its just a knot you roll the cable around…?

  • Deadfront2011

    I think its pretty reasonably priced. $1.99 for a small is a lot cheaper than the other earbud cord managing devices out there.

  • Matt

    The shipping costs more than the actual product for me, so the total comes to 5 something.
    Also if anyone has them, can you extend them while they are wrapped around like that?
    Seems a bit impractical for earphones if you gotta take it out and unravel it to the right length if you want to use them.