BoxWave Lightning USB Cable Only $0.99 from [Update]


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If you’re looking for extra Lightning USB cables, you might want to consider the following BoxWave 4 foot long cable for just $0.99 from This version claims to be ‘new and improved’ and according to user reviews, it works equally as good as Apple’s cables for a fraction of the price. At 99 cents, you can buy 21 BoxWave Lightning cables compared to just one from Apple ($21 each).

Below is an image uploaded from an Amazon review comparing Apple’s cable to the BoxWave cable:


Shipping is $4.99, so for $6 plus tax, you can have an extra (and longer) Lightning USB cable. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

Click here to check it out from

Update: March 3, 11PM PST – this popular deal appears to be dead.


  • Tom

    Gary, you are the man! This is why we subscribe to you 🙂

  • ** bows **

  • Jesse the Body V

    Will it sync too, or just long charging cable?

  • with tax and shipping its 11 bucks

  • That sounds like a lot of tax?!

  • It should sync too, just like a regular Lightning cable.

  • theeye30

    It is 6.54 actually, the 4.99 for shipping. Tax isnt probably included. But it is nonetheless good for what its worth. So much for 0.99…

  • Nick

    So did these all sell out at that price? Right now the only option is $10. And zip available from the Boxwave site.

    Monoprice is going to be shipping theirs soon, apparently I’ll be waiting for that.

  • Could be as this was also posted at RFD.

  • Acer12345

    If you don’t want to pay the shipping, there’s a gazillion other sites out there that have those connectors for 1-3$ free shipping. Google and China are your friends. 😉

  • jdam

    canada computer has one for 8$ thank you very much

  • Jasper

    The price I am seeing is $13.65. ???

  • Looks like this deal is now dead, as the price no longer shows $0.99. Let us know if you managed to snag one.

  • Dd

    Just ordered 1 – was still available (said 7 more available) and was 0.99 plus 4.99 and no tax was charged. 5.98 total – we’ll see what happens!

  • You got lucky!

  • Nick

    RFD, ruining everything for everyone since the 2000s

  • haha, unless you’re an RFD forum addict.

  • Tom

    Hey Guys, So I bought it for $1 but shipping was like $5. This stupid MOFO ripped me off when it clearly said $1.50 postage and the envelope was only $0.50.

    I hate this dishonest MOFO because of the overcharge he did on shipping. Didn’t even come in a box or nothing.

    It works, and it’s cheaper, but ethically he should’ve said $5/cable, $1/shipping