Casio Announces New G-Shocks That Communicate With iPhone Over Bluetooth


Casio, the popular Japanese electronics manufacturing company known for its calculators and digital watches, has announced two new Bluetooth G-Shock watches, the GB–6900AA and GB-5600AA , that can communicate with an iPhone via Bluetooth v4.0, reports The Verge.

While Casio’s G-Shock lineup has continuously evolved in terms of technology and performance over the years, this time the company has taken a major step forward by incorporating Bluetooth v4.0 into its new models. The new G-shocks connect with the iPhone to perform various functions such as notifying the wearer of incoming calls and enabling iPhone alarm and vibration functions from the watch button.

Below are some of their features:

– Notification of incoming calls via the watch

– Finder function to enable iPhone alarm and vibration functions from the watch

– Warning vibration when the watch loses its connection to the iPhone

– Automatic time correction by synchronizing with time data received from the iPhone

– Built-in tilt sensor to detect movement in the watch to automatically reconnect to the iPhone

The company hasn’t announced pricing or availability for the US, but the GB-6900AA and GB-5600AA will be available in Japan for ¥18,000 (about $230) in October and November, respectively.


  • I like this. All those Pebble style kickstarters were cool but unproven and not even finished products. I’ve always trusted Casio watches and this one does exactly what I really need it to do. Tell me when I’m getting a call, help me make alarms more efficient. Everything else I don’t mind pulling out my phone for (texting, email, etc). Those other things, especially connecting with apps such as Runkeeper (or the one I use LogYourRun) are nice and once proven I’d probably jump on board as well. But as far as I’m concerned, this is an excellent offering from Casio at this stage of iPhone-watch integration!

  • toylover

    I’ll pass. I need to be able to read my text and email. I also prefer an analog display like the Pebble