CordLite: Illuminated Charger Cable For iPhone


If the idea of an illuminated USB to dock connector cable for your iPhone sounds interesting, then check out a new Kickstarter project called CordLite.

CordLite is a dock connector cable for your iOS device that has a pair of forward facing LEDs to provide illumination. Unlike the regular Apple dock connector cable, CordLite is extremely useful at night or in dark places.


A particularly neat feature of the dock connector is that the light is activated by touch, so it’s extremely intuitive. There is also a pair of small indicator lights along the top of the dock connector so you know which way is up.

The CordLite is a charging cable that provides illumination, enabling you to see your charging port in any low light environment. It’s so simple, that by simply picking it up or holding it, it illuminates. The touch design eliminates the need for buttons or switches and keeps the look clean and simple. We worked really hard to design the CordLite to compliment Apple’s impecable design.

If you pledge $25, you will receive one of the first CordLites. After it’s released the cable will be $35. The project has just under 110 backers and has just over $4000 in support with 38 days remaining.


  • Ddisoul

    Good idea but if apple changes the connector pin layout the cable wont fit on the new one… They should have sold the idea to apple … Much more $$$$ that way.

  • Mark

    How about that for an awesome idea.  But I have to agree with Ddisoul, rumors of late suggest a change on the 30pin front…

  • Bbb

    would be nicer if it was slim like the current cords

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