First Look: Roam Mobility Liberty Mobile Hotspot [Gallery]


We first told you about Roam Mobility, the Vancouver-based company that offers affordable roaming solutions for Canadians heading down to the U.S. via their agreement with T-Mobile. Roam Mobility offers an easy way for Canadians to setup their own roaming plan prior to landing in the U.S. with cheaper plans versus roaming off the ‘Big 3’. Of course, if you want to go directly to U.S. carriers with your unlocked phone that is always an option too. But if you want to avoid the hassle, Roam Mobility wants your attention.

The company launched their services on January 16th and they sent us their Liberty Mobile Hotspot to check out. Here’s a quick hands on preview of the actual size of the MiFi unit, and also a glimpse at the SIM card that comes with it.

The Liberty Mobile Hotspot comes with a SIM card that inserts into the hotspot unit. The unit itself is incredibly thin and light, with a footprint smaller than an iPhone 4S. I can see how easy it would be to carry one of these in your pocket during your travels down south.

The unit has a four hour battery life and can support up to 5 connected devices up to 150 feet away. Insert a microSD card and the unit can act as a portable hard drive. I did find the back cover to a be a bit flimsy and light, but it snaps into place quite securely.


The Liberty Mobile Hotspot retails for $129.95 with data plans as cheap as 2 cents a megabyte (for the 5GB plan) at 4G speeds. We’ll be testing this unit out later in the Spring, and will have a review up then about our experience.


  • Tom

    Looks great


    4G haaa. It’s really 3G that they call 4G………Search around about T-Mobiles network 4G network. You don’t get coverage anywhere unless you are outside and in a downtown area. 

  • Tom
  • Mark

    At first this seems like a good idea to me. It certainly is convenient and cheaper when compared to Rogers for what I have paid in the past for data when traveling in the US (which seems to border on illegal for what they get away with). But then I remembered that this is the reason I got a 3G iPad. Seems to be simlar in cost, actually I got mine from a friend at a really good price so it didn’t really cost me anything for the 3G feature but still a similar cost when compared to brand new.

    Also AT&T seems to have better rates for data. Possibly better coverage? I can even share my data with the rest of the family if I jailbreak.

    Like I said, convenient, yes. Cheaper than most Canadian carriers for US data and roaming, yes. But certainly not the cheapest way to go if you need data and voice while traveling in the US.

  • Adam Weitzner

    Does anyone know of this service but flipped, from people from the states traveling to Canada?

  • Peter Beddall

    Don’t waste your time with Roam Mobility unless you’re planning on spending all your time in big metropolitan areas like San Francisco or Chicago. Out in the boonies there is virtually no coverage. We got one of their phones because we wanted security while driving across the US. We spent a lot of time visiting US National Parks which tend to be in remote areas. No coverage at Grand Canyon, no coverage at Moab Utah or Kanab, Utah, no coverage 30 miles from downtown Denver. This despite the fact that their website said they had coverage in I think 47 states.