G-Form Case Helped Protect An iPhone From 1000 Foot Drop

iPhone cases are meant to help protect the iPhone when dropped, right? Well how about this G-Form case, in a recent test the case helped the iPhone survive a 1,000 foot drop out of a helicopter. In past tests performed by G-Form, an iPhone survived slap shots (hockey), an iPad was dropped from space (and survived), and an iPad was thrown out of a speeding car.

Although you’re not likely to drop your iPhone from heights higher than 5 to 10 feet, these tests are undergone to show just how strong G-Form’s cases are. Now, watch below as an iPhone is dropped well over 1,000 feet.

This wasn’t the only time an iPhone was dropped out of a helicopter at 1000 feet either. Back during early 2011 a US Air Force Combat Controller accidentally dropped his iPhone 4 out of a helicopter, falling nearly 1000 feet. Thanks to Find My iPhone, the Combat Controller located his iPhone, and it actually worked. Geared up in only a cheap Griffin Motif case, the iPhone lacked a single scratch or scuff.

To ensure your iPhone has full protection, I would suggest you purchase a G-Form case. They come in many eye popping designs for both the iPhone and iPad. Pricing starts at just $39.99 per case. Don’t forget to check out our full video review of the G-Form iPad case.

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  • iFone

    Why would you want to buy such a horrible product?

  • RyanStOnge

    I wouldn’t call it a horrible product, they just aren’t meant for certain groups of people. A case like this will add additional thickness to your phone compared to a typical case.

  • iFone

    Agree with you. There’s always a market for everything. My opinion is, they look fugly.

  • RyanStOnge

    Yeah. Like I probably wouldn’t mind having the X-Protect by G-Form for my iPhone. I like the design. But the iPad case/sleeves aren’t very convincing.

  • JeffAce

    Not a horrible product at all! Put a “Free” tag on this product and it will still be taken away from its shelves. The point is that this product may not be really necessary in most people’s lifestyles. As for people who do not skydive their way to work, a standard case would be good already. Just like the free iPhone case I got recently, simple, quality and really useful. Anyways, if this G-form comes for free… I’ll definitely get one or some. 🙂