[Update] Get 75% Off Any Belkin iPhone 4 Case from Rogers


Update 2: A couple more pics of cases from @mjosepha and @prytoo:

Update 1: @tdotORR shares a picture of his $11 Belkin case!

If you’re looking for an iPhone 4 case, Rogers is offering 75% off Belkin cases when you show the following coupon in store right from your iPhone.

Selection of cases will probably vary at Rogers Plus locations, but it’s a decent deal if you end up finding a case you like. This ‘Weekly Wireless Offer’ expires on November 17th. Let us know what you find out there.


[via @RogersBuzz]


  • Anonymous

    Do we presume that it will be iphone 4 only?  Looks like most Belkin 4 cases are tightly fit around the mute switch, rendering them not so handy for us 4s’ers…

  • Picked up a Belkin case for $8! Selection is horrible though, most of the Belkin cases are already in the margin bin.

  • It probably would fit the 4S as well. The only concern would the area where the ring/silent switch is, as that has moved slightly.

  • $8 is a decent deal. I would expect selection to be pretty bad with this massive discount.

  • SgtAdam

    Why not just go on eBay and buy a holster and case for less than 10 bucks together with shipping?

    That’s what I do with all my phones.

  • Anonymous

    8 bucks for a shield micra.  I’ll grind the opening of the mute switch a tiny bit for it to fit nicely…

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  • Anonymous

    My reasoning is twofold. Belkin has been manufacturing cases for a few years now, so the quality is there.  I’ve had too many incidents with shoddy offshore made cases that improperly fit or are made of cheap materials. Secondly, this was a instant gratification purchase.  No waiting for shipping with potential delays.

    Plus, 8 bucks for a $30 case is a pretty good deal..:)

    just my $.02 

  • fahad

    i am curious to see the other side of the case.. i mean if i want to use the iphone, do i have to pull it out from the case? or is the other side “open” for me to use the phone?

  • Anonymous

    too bad it’s Belkin 🙁

  • PFox

    Is this only for Rogers Wireless customers or can anyone use this coupon?