iPhone 4 Bumper Alternatives: iLuv Trim Case Review


Now that the Apple free case program is finished, we’re starting to see more iPhone 4 cases show up at Apple retail stores. That includes Apple’s own bumpers in all their colourful glory. But with that also comes the $29 price tag.

For some people, that price point is a little too steep – although the build quality of the Apple bumper is solid. So what other cheaper options are out there? Sure, I could go naked and show off the beautiful craftsmanship that is the iPhone 4, but I really like the idea of some sort of drop protection – no matter how minimal a bumper might offer. Plus, a bumper style case still shows off the sexy back of the phone.

I couldn’t wait to get my free bumper, so I started  looking around for an alternative. When the dust settled I decided to give the iLuv EDGE Trim Case a try. I managed to pick up a few colours for a good price from Tiger Direct.

When you open the package you not only get the case, iLuv is generous enough to give you a protective film for the front and back of the iPhone 4.  It’s a nice touch since I’ve seen more than a few phones with little scratches not only on the front but the back as well.

There’s nothing really flashy about the case. It’s made of silicon that feels fairly thick although it doesn’t add a lot more bulk than the Apple bumper.

Unlike the Apple bumper, the iLuv Edge is a lot easier to put on the phone. The silicon stretches easy and wraps around the phone, snapping back into form.

All the holes along the case are cut out nicely. There is ample room along the bottom to use a number of dock connectors.

The headphone jack hole is big enough that you should be able to use most headphones.

The buttons are covered, and they are still very responsive.

Interestingly the back is cutout slightly different. It leaves ample room for the camera. And since it’s an open back, there is no chance of any flash issues.

I should quickly point out I have the Wrapsol protective film on the back of the iPhone 4. You can see it has started to bubble around the side. That’s because of the Apple bumper not the iLuv EDGE.

Overall this is a really nice alternative to the Apple bumper. It’s a lot cheaper and if you shop around you can get various colours for as low as $10. Add the fact you get a protective film for the front and back, and the iLuv EDGE is a steal of a deal.

One last quick note. My name is Kris Meador. I’m one of the many new writers. I am a photographer so I’ll be bringing you some reviews of photography apps, some photography tips and a lot more. You can follow me on Twitter @KMPhotographer.


  • Anonymous

    People wait in line all night and spend upwards of $800 on a phone, and cheap out on $29 protection?

  • Owais

    An update for all about the Apple iPhone Free Case Program:

    The Case can still be ordered via the Free Case App as long as you purchased it before Sept 30th in store or placed the order online before Sept 30th (Even if it was “Prepared for Shipment” or “Shipped” after Sept 30th. You have 30 days to order your case therefore the last date will be Oct th if you ordered online or picked one in store on Sep 30th.

    The choices have changed a little. The Apple iPhone Bumper case (Black) is no longer offered in the Free Case program. The other choices are the same and the estimated shipping has now changed to 2-3 weeks from 3-4 weeks.

    Goodluck Everyone and Happy ThanksGiving!!

  • Ddnxjsjsj

    So ugly, worse than the bumpers. I personally like to show off my sexy phone.

  • Dieu

    i like the apple bumpers because of the metal buttons so it gives the illusion that the bumper is the phone and not actually just a case. the only thing is hate about it is the fact that it does exclude a lot of 3rd party equipment (dock, fm transmitter) and also if you’re using a skin with your phone, it does have the tendency to peel the edges off (like you have mentioned). It also depends on which skin you’re using.. when i used Zagg’s Invisishield it was peeling all around but now i’m using bestskinsever and there is no peeling.