Jawbone UP 2.0 Now in Stock at Apple Stores in Canada


For those wondering, the second generation Jawbone UP wristband is now in stock at Apple retail stores in Canada (the Polo Park store in Winnipeg had stock; it’s not up on yet). This new version of the UP was announced just under a week ago, as the company tries to recover from the snafu of its original UP wristband from a year ago. This time around, the wristband is priced at $129.99 (instead of $99), which is $30 cheaper than the Nike+ FuelBand.

Let us know if snagged a Jawbone UP and share with us your initial thoughts on the product.

Thanks @ahmadtawakol and Mike L.!


  • I took it back the next day.

    Activity tracking has to be as unobtrusive as possible, being aware all the time that something is there, tracking you, isn’t really what you want. The UP’s size is too big, its too bulky and too heavy.

    Other than it’s physical size, the app isn’t very good either. Having used the fitbit ultra for a while, UP’s app in comparison is very weak. The UI isn’t exactly straightforward, it does look pretty, but you don’t see all the information you want. Food tracking wasn’t very easy as well, fitbit’s food tracking was much better.

    Fitbit also allows you to connect other apps and devices, like Nike+ Running, RunKeeper, the Withings Scale (even though fitibit make their own Aria scale), as well as a lot of others.

    I actually ended up buying the new Fitbit One when I returned the UP, and I found out something about the fitbit that wasn’t very well advertised: it has a silent alarm using vibrations, and unlike the UP, you can set multiple alarms!

    This makes the fitbit exactly like the UP, except that it’s much smaller, has a better app, has better syncing through bluetooth 4.0, and it’s even cheaper!

  • Olley

    hahahhahhahahahhahahahaahahahahahah… NOPE, thanks.

  • einsteinbqat

    What is UP?

  • Rio

    As awesome as you say it is, I would probably lose it in 1 week, Atleast with the UP or fuelband it is always on your hand when using it

  • Anthony ?

    I think they shot themselves in the foot with the 1st gen product. Despite the fact that I got a full refund I can’t see myself trying another Up.

  • I’ve just been to both Montreal area Apple stores and neither have them, Laval store never even heard of it

  • Those employees need to wake up.

  • Olley

    I think it might have been the way Apple took care of Up bands. Last year when Up arrived, they weren’t displayed on the shelf. They were brought out from the back only when customers asked for them. At least this was the management at Pacific Centre in Vancouver. Also when I came in for a refund they had NO idea it was being sold at the retail until they got me a girl who’s responsible for this (and she’s wearing an Up band too lol). She was surprised that I wanted to return 😛

  • Jess

    It’s really frustrating to have employees who aren’t up on what’s going on.

    I called a Toronto apple store recently to ask if they had the Jawbone Up in yet, and the guy sort of paused and said, “Uhh. I don’t think we sell those anymore…”

    I had to explain to him that it was being re-released…