Kickstarter Project: Cellhelmet, The Most Protective iPhone 4/4S Case Ever Made [VIDEO]


A new Kickstarter project for supposedly the most protective iPhone 4/4S case ever made has been recently initiated by Called the cellhelmet, the case promises to offer more protection for your iPhone than any other case in the world and actually comes with a 1 year accidental damage insurance for your handset (water damage excluded).

As described by the manufacturers, “Drop it. Throw it. Step on it. If your iPhone 4/4S breaks inside of a cellhelmet – you’re covered.” All you need to do is register your cellhelmet case within 30 days of its purchase. All US & Canadian residents are eligible for the insurance.

The Cellhelmet will retail for $44 once the pledged goal of $10,000 is reached on Kickstarter.

Guaranteed repairs. has secured an agreement with Global Warranty Group, one of the nation’s largest and most recognized iPhone insurance administrators, to bring you cellhelmet.  Rest assured – all damaged devices will be returned, as if they were new.  We are the only company in the world that is guaranteeing a case that will protect your device.

Easy claims.  If an iPhone 4/4S breaks inside of a cellhelmet, simply file a claim via our dedicated 1-800 number at Global Warranty Group (will be finalized on Feb 14th), where a customer service representative will guide you through the process (you’ll need your proof of purchase).  Pay your $50 handling fee and send in your device.  It will be repaired or replaced (if deemed unrepairable) within 3 business days and overnighted back to your address – at our expense (via UPS).

Unlimited repairs.  cellhelmet includes unlimited repairs.  File as many damage claims as needed, within your one year of coverage.  If your iPhone 4/4S is beyond repair – we will replace it (limit 1 replacement per policy).  cellhelmet coverage will end upon replacement of a device, and you will need to purchase a new case for additional coverage.

Thermoplastic polyurethane rubber (TPU).  The clear cellhelmet shell is constructed of a tough polyurethane.  It will not stretch or lose its shape, yet it will hold up to drops and falls, time and time again.  It has the feeling of a hard rubber, yet it’s not rigid like plastic.

Make it your own.  Every cellhelmet comes with two interchangeable backplates, allowing for expression of your true colors.  Choose between pink/purple, green/blue or black/white and coordinate your iPhone with your daily outfit.

Here is a video from the makers of cellhelmet iPhone 4/4S case:


  • W3STC04ST

    I bet people will try to buy the case after they have already broken their iPhone. How would they treat that? 

    “Oh no, It had that knick on the side for forever — i dropped it and it didnt have your case on it THEN– that drop made me want to buy your case, so i didnt break it!”  

    Or you have your cheap dollar store case on the iphone, your drop and break it, the cheap case made the fall leave no cosmetic marks. So then tough it till a couple days after you get the case in the mail, file a claim and you get a new/repaired phone?


  • Anonymous

    those are some interesting points. i mean, insurance fraud happens all the time. i’m sure global warranty group is used to dealing with this kind of stuff on a regular basis. otherwise, they wouldn’t have agreed to the contract

  • Hey guys, great points.  Of course there will will always be someone who tries to take advantage of the system,  but we are in this for you because we love our iPhones as much as you do.  

  • Will G

    That is a GREAT response. Confidence inspiring already. I’m really impressed with that answer Bryan.

     If you have found a business model to make this overall successful despite the few that may try to take advantage of the system, I think what you guys are doing will benefit us consumers while giving you an opportunity to take advantage of this current market gap!

    Will G.