Latest Concept From ADR Studios: The iWatch 2 [PICS]


Italian designer Antonia De Rosa, who recently released his concept for the iPhone SJ, is now showing off his imagination and talent for design with a fictional production called the iWatch 2.

Antonia released the original iWatch back in March of 2010 and, much like Apple, he’s already got the iWatch 2 featured on his website.

As usual, his design is elegant and functional and the designer continues to produce work that wouldn’t surprise anyone if it came directly from designer Jony Ive’s design secret lair.

Very sleek, and very handsome. If it existed, I know that I would have one. The question is, however, is it functional? Is it simple? These are two of the pillars of Apple’s success in retail electronics and with a screen the size proposed in the concept work were to be for sale, I can’t imagine that it would accommodate all of the lovely Apple functionality in a simple manner.

The strap is also quite nice, until you look at in any colour but black. No thanks!

If the iWatch 2 were shipping today, would you pick one up? Or perhaps the iPod Nano is all you need?


  • Pretty sleek!

  • Kraken

    iPod Nano + Belkin Watch kit = iWatch.  It’s been done already.

  • I’d buy 1 in a heart beat! I only don’t have a nano as a watch now for it’s non existent connection between other apple products and the fact that I was my hands often and water and iPods don’t mix!

  • Gh

    Is it a phone and iPod too?

  • websnap

    Hardly, this is about and actual connection to your iPhone, not just having iOS on your wrist. I’d love to have my phone in my pocket or my bag and have my notifications displayed on my wrist, like caller id or texts. Then I can choose to go grab my phone or not. Plus checking your watch in a meeting on in a conversation is way more polite than checking your phone. One says I’m time conscious, the other says I’m bored. This would make me start carrying a watch for the first time in years (that strap has to go though, a leather one would be put on instantly).

  • I would definitely pick one up. Super sleek, and would connect to the iphone via bluetooth.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you need to “slide to unlock” on a wristwatch?

  • Anonymous

    It looks good, but I think that it is rather big.