LifeProof Belt Clip for iPhone 5/5S Case on Sale for $7.50 (75% Off)


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If you have a LifeProof iPhone 5/5S case and are considering a belt clip, the company has discounted the latter by 75% off (save $22.49) today to just $7.50—just enter promo code e131210 at checkout. Shipping to Canada is $6.99 (using our BC postal code) which is reasonable, but for orders over $100, there’s free shipping.

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The belt clip comes with two clip sizes: 1.5 inches for ‘regular’ belts and 2 inches for utility belts.

The deal is only available in the USA and Canada for today only—you can check out the deal here. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!



  • Nolan

    I feel like this site is losing its luster. Let me qualify that by saying, I’m sure its a lot of work outside of all the contributor’s day jobs and I appreciate all of the efforts to provide regular updates on iphone/apple/smartphone related material. It’s easy to be critical amongst so much extracurricular effort. What I can say though is that I think the format or theme is dated. If you look at “The Verge” or “Ars Technica” or wherever the presentation of info is surely more dynamic and engaging. The style here feels stale and I’m sorry to say it. Once again, I appreciate all of the efforts, I just think that with the same (amazing) efforts of all of the contributors, the updates could be presented in a much better and more engaging manner and I hope my critiques are seen as constructive. Once again, thank you for all that you do


  • Gurll Barbii

    I agree with you 100% Nolan. In a sense it feels like reading PDF files in a sense. Much like a lot of the feelings conveyed by a lot of todays news & tech sites; left feeling like I’m going over a eBook/PDF file.

    Though I have to say, they do great work here (even though they sometimes stray for their calling, topic wise).

    And the new layout is definitely much more appealing than the previous one.

    * P.S Thanks for all your time and hard work.

  • Appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback, Nolan. What was our format or theme when you still thought the site had ‘luster’?

  • Although the site has grown since its humble beginnings as more of a personal blog about the iPhone, I can reassure you our passion is still there to bring relevant news to Canadian iOS users. If we spot something we think is worthy, we’ll post about it.

    As for what you feel about ‘reading PDF files’, when we report only the news, some are upset because we leave out our opinions. When we do report the news with our opinion, some people call us out and say we should be objective.

    I understand what you’re trying to say, and we try to achieve a fine balance between reporting the news and sharing our opinions.