Monoprice Sale: Mini DisplayPort to HDMI/VGA Adapters, Both Shipped for Under $20


Online retailer Monoprice is celebrating its 11th anniversary by holding their 11 Days of Deals promotion. A couple items on sale right now should be of interest to Mac users who want to hook up their computers to a TV or larger monitor (prices in USD):


Shipping for both cables to Canada (my BC postal code) is only $4.06 via Canada Post, for a total cart of $19.28 USD. You can buy both cables shipped for under $20, less than the cost of ONE cable from Apple. This is a decent deal.

Click here to jump on these cable deals before they end!


  • Supacon

    Hmm… it doesn’t appear that the Displayport to VGA adapter is on sale. You may want to note that they do seem to have an especially good deal on 3 foot lightning cables, though – $8.92 each (and they are legit MFi cables).

  • Hmm, interesting. The VGA price has jumped back up to $13, it was listed as the price before.

    Good point, we’ll update this post.