New ZAGGsparq Portable Chargers Announced: 1220, 3100, 6000


ZAGG has announced the release of their all-new ZAGGsparq, available in three different models based on charging capacity. The model names are as follows: ZAGGsparq 1220, ZAGGsparq 3100, and ZAGGsparq 6000.

These new battery chargers have USB ports to charge your iPhone or any other USB device. The 3100/6000 models have what ZAGG is calling Hypercharge Technology™ (with 2.1A output) for faster USB charging versus a standard USB port.

These models will enable you to charge items such as the iPad. ZAGG tells us he 6000 will charge the iPad 3 to about 30%, and the 3100 will charge to about 15%.

The new ZAGGsparqs also act as wall chargers too, as they will charge your device first before the internal battery when plugged in to the wall. All models now come with an ON/OFF switch to save battery life and have 5 LEDs to indicate battery life (controlled by a button on the side).

Here’s an image comparing the new models:

We have our hands on the ZAGGsparq 3100 so expect a review soon. With the current battery drain issue in iOS 6, having backup juice is always essential.

Click here to visit to check out the new ZAGGsparqs.


  • GamingSV

    Whats the battery size of the old Sparq? Doesn’t it also charge the iPhone 4 times? And it looks much better.

  • Traxxas1080

    @GamingSV the old one is 6000mah like the largest model new one. But the new one has an off button so it supposedly saves power which I’m sure isn’t much, and it has hypercharge technology so I guess it charges a little faster. I am in the market for one and am gonna get techs old one that looks better and is $20 less than the largest new one. I might get the new 3100mah one tho but I’m not sure yet. Waiting on reviews…