OtterBox Acquires Protective Film Company Wrapsol



Looks like a significant acquisition went down this morning as Otterbox has purchased Wrapsol. We’ve reviewed accessories from both companies before and we love them. This looks like it’ll be a fantastic partnership and further vault Wrapsol into the spotlight:

“Wrapsol is a promising company with similar values and similar culture whose product aligns with the OtterBox mission of complete, premium device protection,” said OtterBox President and CEO Brian Thomas. “Adding Wrapsol to the OtterBox portfolio of world-class protection significantly enhances our ability to provide our customers and consumers an expanded variety of high-quality products.”

“Joining the OtterBox family is a great opportunity for Wrapsol and its employees,” said Wrapsol Vice President of Sales Brett Webster. “We’re excited to integrate our product lines and give our employees a chance to join another world-class team.”

So far we have tested the iPhone 5 Wrapsol Ultra and also their upcoming Xtreme line up. Stay tuned for the reviews.


  • tomm

    I looked on their website for shipping rates to Canada, but they don’t have the info, you have to enter your credit card or paypal – ie. purchase it before the site will tell you shipping costs? Does not seem to be fair.
    Can one buy it in Canada?
    I guess I should wait for your reviews of the iphone 5 products. Their price is better than ZAGG and their youtube videos seem impressive enough.

  • They are supposed to have a new cheaper shipping option to Canada, but we haven’t heard about it yet. But yeah, the shipping rates are pretty insane to Canada.

    Gary Ng

  • crosseyed_mofo

    so long as otterbox keeps its ugly case making mitts off of spigen

  • toylover

    with a lot of these things I first of all read the reviews on If I decide to buy and can’t find it locally I just go to eBay. There is a fellow there from Ontario who ships Wrapsols for free in Canada.

    It’s amazing the stuff you can find with free shipping from China but if the seller is just across the border we have to pay through the nose to get it here.